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A new study reports that in a group of Zika babies who are being followed to assess their progress, 14 percent had severe developmental problems.

A large fire broke out after an explosion in the city of Sapporo, injuring more than 40 people.

Will Smith joined Instagram one year ago today, so we are celebrating with his most iconic moments of the last 365.

Maya Hughes was only five when her mother put her in the hands of the mystery good Samaritan.

The Presidio in San Francisco is often visited as one of the best places in the city to view the Golden Gate Bridge. But tourists and locals alike would be missing out on some of SF’s most interesting history, best eateries and outstanding hikes if that’s all you came for. To help you make the most of...

Quiz Yourself: How does ESSA define professional development, what conditions encourage effective teacher training, and how are districts supporting professional development for early-childhood educators?

The retrospective identification of the drug targets that underlie an observed phenotypic response is termed target deconvolution. This list highlights five approaches that can be applied to target deconvolution.

Hundreds of current and former students, staff and district personnel returned to Alvin Elementary on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the northeast Santa Maria grade school's 70th anniversary.