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In celebration of National Coffee Day, participating Krispy Kreme locations will offer a limited-edition Glazed Coffee doughnut and a new Original Glazed Coffee beverage

For most 1Ls, and even 2Ls and 3Ls, getting cold called is perhaps the most dreaded part of attending class. It's not that uncommon for students to skip a class if they didn't do the reading due to the...

A Halloween costume for all those broken-hearted souls who have been 'ghosted' now exists.

The White House has authorized offensive cyber operations against U.S. enemies in a new policy that sounds like a declaration of war in a virtual world. Read more on FindLaw Legal Blogs.

The Arkansas Supreme Court has an ethical problem, and it started with an email to a trial judge. Judge Wendell Griffen had ordered the state to stop an execution, and the state supreme court emailed him to respond to...

A Comerica Park employee who was filmed spitting in a customer's pizza during a Detroit Tiger's game on Friday has been fired and arrested, a spokesperson said.

If a judge says your argument is unmitigated poppycock, you and your client are in trouble. And so it was for Joseph Percoco and his lawyers. Read more on FindLaw Legal Blogs.

John Cox offers common-sense leadership that will encourage economic growth, expand housing opportunities and reverse the state’s affordability crisis. He has our endorsement for governor.

Earth From Space Full HD Nova The groundbreaking two-hour special that reveals a spectacular new space-based vision of our planet. Produced in extensive cons...

Packing procrastination can seriously hamper the moving process. Here are some of the steps you could take to prevent packing procrastination.

While biofuels have technically been used since the advent of fire, they are gaining popularity in recent years and have caught the eye of environmentalists and businesses alike. Biofuels are deriv…

As the advertising industry becomes more and more sophisticated, marketers are looking to new technologies to help enhance traditional ad formats. One of the biggest opportunities lies with out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which is slated to grow from $7.7bn (2017) to $33bn by 2021. Billboards are the most commonly thought of OOH medium, but OOH goes … Continued

Google's John Mueller cautions against removing content from a website simply because it doesn't receive a lot of traffic.

Avid VENUE has long been one of the most trusted and requested live mixing systems in the world, and now the legacy continues with Avid VENUE | S6L.

What you do matters to a lot of people, so what you know about what’s coming for our industry matters, too. That’s why the NAMIC Annual Convention focuses on emerging-issue education. With sessions designed exclusively for the C-suite, plus educational...

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