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It’s that time of year again. Winter is coming to a close, spring flowers will be blooming in T-minus two weeks and oh yeah, you have to turn your clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time. Unless you happen to live in Arizona or Hawaii, your day is about to get an hour shorter, which wi

Jan Agati Abbarno, Monica Angle, Mary Begley, Julia Bottoms, Kyle Butler, Peter Byrne, Claudia Carballada, Caitlin Cass, Emily Churco, Nancy Treherne Craig, Matt Crane, Denton Crawford, Jack Edson, Bob Fleming, Fotini Galanes, Beth Gemperlein, Bobby Griffiths, Barbara Hart, Pat Kewley, Sarah Liddell, Bill Maggio, Michael Mararian, NC Miller, MJ Myers, Alicia Paolucci, Nancy J. Parisi, Robert Rusch, David Schirm, Jason Seeley, Rachel Shelton, Mark Snyder, Marc…

Laurie Anderson, Tony Conrad, and Steina Vasulka (violins), Biff Henrich and David Kulik (guitars), Gary Nickard (electric bass), and Jon Burris (recorder); Joe Gibbons.

Our dreams can provide some insight into our psyches, helping us solve problems and giving us direction. They are where our subconscious comes out to play. Many of our dreams are simply the result of the brain “downloading” and interpreting all the information we picked up during the day, but th

No matter what your weight or body type, a comfortable mattress is a key component in healthful weight management. Traditionally, weight management has been equated exclusively with diet and exercise, yet recent research demonstrates that sleep quality and sleep duration are equally important. With

A Lecture Series Where Artists Talk About The Work Of Others
Artists' talks are a tried and true format in which artists typically speak about themselves and their work, revealing (or obscuring) their inspirations and methodologies, their backgrounds and their present modes of thinking ...

Music video by Trampled By Turtles performing Alone. (C) 2012 Banjodad Records Directed by Justin Gustavison Produced by Justin Gustavison/Dan Huiting & Ange...

Amazon is rapidly expanding its online empire, but behind the conveniences that the company offers are a lot of hidden costs. We put together an infographic to see how shopping at Amazon compares with shopping at local businesses in its impact on jobs, taxes, the local economy, and community. Before you click, here’s why your choice matters:

Our experts—doctors, trainers and physical therapists—will help guide you, body part by body part, through this strange new land.

Completely transform your outlet options with the Thread, a modern and unique approach to providing power to the technology your workplace runs on.

Now in its 37th year, the Clearwater Jazz Holiday is a world-class gathering of the some of the greatest talents and greatest fans of jazz.

American heavy metal band formed in 1998 in Los Angeles by Zakk Wylde, formerly the guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne.

The name of of the suspect in the shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night that has left at least 20 people died is Stephen Paddock, NBC News has learned.

Save a car, empower a veteran. For every red, white, and blue car you save from now through the end of September, we'll donate $1 to The Mission Continues. C...