Local Services in Buffalo, NY

Locals will recognize faces, places in the Showtime limited series, much of which was filmed in Clinton County.

There is a thrift store inside Kenmore West High School and all of the items are free for students.

A Batavia woman is facing charges for allegedly forcing a young child to smoke marijuana.

How does the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic bishops, work? To understand how this program helps peopl...

Canisius College received clarification from the NCAA that Emily Scheck can retain her eligibility and continue to receive GoFundMe donations that assist her with living and educational expenses. The NCAA staff worked cooperatively with Canisius College to provide guidance that the fundraiser can continue, with school monitoring. NCAA rules allow a school to assist a student-athlete with a fundraiser after a significant life event occurs.

What is hospice? Find answers to common questions such as "who pays for hospice care," and many other frequently asked questions, by reading our FAQ page.

We Must Make a Choice: Change or Die
We are sleepwalking into a global crisis and avoiding tackling the root causes. OUR society is a debt-driven growth economic system that keeps extracting value and money from our planet, neighborhood, and children. This keeps going as we keep legislating around the edges of the problems itself. We keep trying to put some band-aids on the symptoms of a universal broken system in hopes that the people will continue to borrow more money, buy more…

When severe weather hits, 7 Eyewitness News keeps track of which schools and businesses have closed or are delayed because of the storm.