Business in Leroy - Buffalo, NY

On December 13, 2018, the Diocesan Review Board met and carefully considered the reports of Investigator Scott F. Riordan who was asked to investigate allegations of abuse against four priests of the Diocese of Buffalo.

The Buffalo Sabres used a two goal first period to earn their second straight win, defeating Arizona 3-1.

After the openings of Holiday Valley and other resorts, another ski club is set to open this week.

★★★★★ Painless, compassionate, warm people. I am very pleased with my results!!

St. Joseph Cathedral was established by Buffalo's first bishop, John Timon, in 1847 and dedicated in 1855. Today, it is the spiritual center for the Catholic community of the Diocese of Buffalo in Western New York.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement detains thousands of people each year who are waiting for their deportation cases to begin. The number of people locked up is now, under the Trump administration,

The zoo welcomed a new female ocelot kitten named, Amara, on September 25.

Nearly 20 percent of New Yorkers plan on spending $1,000 or more on gifts this holiday season.

In her opening remarks, Stephanie explains that we are never alone because divine Love is always with us. This spiritual truth will help us to feel loved, even if we are alone or are feeling lonely in a crowd. She says that the one true relationship we have is with God, and as we understand this relationship, all of our other relationships are blessed. As she answers site visitors' questions, she gives examples of how she was able to prove this spiritual fact…

A tearful reunion took place in Buffalo this past month. Lynn Stephens met the woman she calls her second mother, Sister Dorothy Feltz. It had been over 40 years since they last saw each other. When Sister Dorothy saw Stephens safe and sound with her adopted family, she faded away.