Business in Grant Ferry - Buffalo, NY

The Alvarez family said the government told them in November they wanted to take a piece of their land passed on from five generations for a border wall.

The $44 million settlement would cover many of the lawsuits that have accused Harvey Weinstein of misconduct.

The first boats will be taking off from the landing at 9 a.m. with trips departing every 15 minutes.

Teeny Tiny Bathroom Have You Feeling Like You Live in Munchkin Land?
Use every available space you have!
Look up, look down, look all around. Whether it's wall-mounted, multi-tasking or just concealing the wealth of products that occupy our bathrooms, there are solutions to make that bathroom feel bigger and more organized.

Among the dozens of refugees who recently visited Washington, D.C. to tell their stories to Congress, here are five new Americans who exemplify their vision of hope and acceptance.