School in Buffalo, NY - Erie County

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Daemen College

General Information Colleges & Universities in Buffalo, NY

4380 Main St

Buffalo, NY

(716) 839-8225

Universal School of Buffalo

Education in Schiller Park, Buffalo

1957 Genesee St

Schiller Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 931-9920

Clarence Central School District Sports Hotline

Education in Buffalo, NY

4260 Harris Hill Rd

Buffalo, NY

(716) 407-9098

St Joseph's Collegiate Inst

Guidance Ofc Education in Buffalo, NY

845 Kenmore Ave

Buffalo, NY

(716) 874-5585

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School

Education in Central Business District, Buffalo

190 Franklin St

Central Business District Buffalo, NY

(716) 854-5070

Buffalo Public Schools 202 Grover Cleveland Hs

Elementary Schools in Front Park, Buffalo

110 14th St

Front Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4300

Buffalo Public Schools 212 Leonardo Davinci

Elementary Schools in Front Park, Buffalo

320 Porter Ave

Front Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4380

St Bonaventure's Religious Education Ofc

Education in Buffalo, NY

2784 Seneca St

Buffalo, NY

(716) 825-5053

Buffalo Public Schools 96 Campus West

Elementary Schools in Forest, Buffalo

1300 Elmwood Ave

Forest Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4170

Villa Maria

Education in Buffalo, NY

240 Pine Ridge Rd

Buffalo, NY

(716) 896-0700

Buffalo Public Schools 33 Bilingual Center

Elementary Schools in First Ward, Buffalo

157 Elk St

First Ward Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4783

Buffalo Public Schools 45 International Sch

Elementary Schools in Forest, Buffalo

141 Hoyt St

Forest Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-3300

Buffalo Public Schools Annex 24

Elementary Schools in Broadway-Fillmore, Buffalo

775 Best St

Broadway-Fillmore Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4200

St Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church-School Religious Education Office

Education in Buffalo, NY

250 Saint Gregory CT

Buffalo, NY

(716) 688-5323

Buffalo Public Schools 71 Web Ecc

Elementary Schools in Schiller Park, Buffalo

156 Newburgh Ave

Schiller Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-3470

Nativity Miguel Middle School

Elementary School, High School, Secondary
Education in Kenfield, Buffalo

26 Wright Ave

Kenfield Buffalo, NY

(716) 852-6854

Buffalo Public Schools 94 West Hertel Academy

Elementary Schools in Military, Buffalo

489 Hertel Ave

Military Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4150

Buffalo Public Schools 305 Mckinley Hs

Elementary Schools in Black Rock, Buffalo

1500 Elmwood Ave

Black Rock Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4480

Catholic Academy of West Buffalo

Cawb After School Program Education in Delaware-West Ferry, Buffalo

1069 Delaware Ave

Delaware-West Ferry Buffalo, NY

(716) 885-2188

Sweet Home School District Service Center

Buildings and Grounds Elementary Schools in Buffalo, NY

1741 Sweet Home Rd

Buffalo, NY

(716) 250-1413

Global Concepts Charter School Lackawanna City School District

Education in Buffalo, NY

1001 Ridge Rd

Buffalo, NY

(716) 332-4092

Buffalo Public Schools 68 Westminster Community School

Elementary Schools in Kensington, Buffalo

24 Westminster Ave

Kensington Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-3450

Erie 1 Boces Erie 1 Boces Education Campus

Board of Education in Buffalo, NY

355 Harlem Rd

Buffalo, NY

(716) 821-7000

Buffalo Public Schools 91 B U I L D Academy

Elementary Schools in Mlk Park, Buffalo

340 Fougeron St

Mlk Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-4140

Elmwood Taco & Subs

Elementary Schools in Albright, Buffalo

937 Elmwood Ave

Albright Buffalo, NY

(716) 886-4581

Buffalo Public Schools 32 Bennett Park Montessori

Elementary Schools in Willert Park, Buffalo

342 Clinton St

Willert Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-3790

Buffalo Public Schools 43 Academy

Elementary Schools in Lovejoy, Buffalo

161 Benzinger St

Lovejoy Buffalo, NY

(716) 816-3260

Langston Hugh's Institution

Education in Medical Park, Buffalo

25 High St

Medical Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 881-3266

St Columbia Brigid Church Office

Religious Organizations in Willert Park, Buffalo

75 Hickory St

Willert Park Buffalo, NY

(716) 854-2496