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Virgin Airlines is missing 1,700 blankets and on Ebay, luxury pillows from international flights can go for up to $130.

Buffalo police are investigating the shooting of a female victim on Wednesday evening.

The Trump Administration has been forcibly separating parents from their children at the border since mid-2017. In February, the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit over the separation of immigrant families. In April 2018, The New York Times reported 700 children had been separated from their parents in the previous six months.

Police are investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospital Wednesday.

A new rule in Albany is banning "meal shaming" or "lunch shaming" across the state.

The New York Civil Liberties Union is appealing the dismissal of a lawsuit that sought to give farmworkers labor rights like collective bargaining.
"Farmworkers whom we depend on to put food on our tables deserve to be treated humanely and with dignity like any other hardworking New Yorker," said executive director Donna Lieberman.

As the popularity of online education continues to grow, an increasing number of students are taking advantage of the built-in convenience and flexibility of getting an online college degree.

Fifty years ago, Robert Kennedy stood with farmworkers to call for basic rights that virtually all other workers enjoy — a day of rest, overtime pay, workers' compensation, sanitary housing and the right to demand safe work conditions without the risk of being fired. 

Sponsored by Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, Ranking Member of the Committee on Homeland Security. More info: democrats-homeland.house.gov/news/media-adviso...

A North Buffalo mom who suffered from a postpartum mental health disorder is bravely sharing her story to start the conversation and hopefully end the stigma.

A man died in Buffalo Police custody Tuesday night after he swallowed a bag of white powder upon being pulled over.

Thirty seven people from 26 different countries all over the world officially became U.S. citizens outside of the International Institute of Buffalo, with high hopes and big dreams.

What is hospice? Find answers to common questions such as "who pays for hospice care," and many other frequently asked questions, by reading our FAQ page.

Erie County is considering its own Fair Housing Act, 50 years after the federal government adopted one.