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Borough President Adams joined New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) President James Patchett on a tour of the Broadway Junction subway station as they launched their Broadway Junction Planning Study and Working Group, which will identify ways to bring economic opportunity and new amenities to the area around the transit hub.

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Calmness, elegance, delicate tonesand noble materials is everything you need to create a romantic bathroom decoration. It will be a temple where relaxing.
Source: Leroy Merlin
The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of your home. Therefore, you should decorate it according to your tastes in order to enjoy it. If you like elegant and cozy environments, you’ll love the ideas we’ll sugges

To learn how to lead – or to learn about anything – nothing beats simply getting out there, giving it a go and picking it up as you go along. But another useful and enjoyable way is to read what others have done, take what works for you and adapt it into your own life
Richard reading to young Sam
As I’ve said when asked why I’ve written my new autobiography Finding My Virginity , I believe if you live a full life…

Starting a business with your significant other can put untold stresses and strains on your relationship at times, but it can also be the start of something beautiful. In today’s guest blog, fashion entrepreneur Oscar Pinto-Hervia tells us what he discovered by starting up with his partner…
In the late 70s I left Chile and came to the UK as a political refugee. I have always loved fashion and appreciated visually beautiful work, so once I was based in the UK it was…

The Pentagon announced that it will accept transgender military recruits starting on January 1, 2018.

Who imparts wisdom to mankind, as in the verse: “In the hearts of the wise-hearted I have put wisdom” (Ex. 31:6). Furthermore, wisdom is not an end of its own, but rather a means to achieve spiritual heights. Therefore, our Sages remarked (Berachot 17a), “The goal of wisdom is repentance and good deeds”. And elsewhere they warned (Avot 3:11), “One whose fear of sin takes priority over his wisdom, his wisdom will endure; but one whose wisdom takes priority over his fear of…

Yehuda HaLevi (1075-1141) described Greek culture as “a flower but without fruit.” Pleasant, aromatic, aesthetic, yet lacking in the spiritual nutrients that provide soul nourishment
Early on in the Torah our Sages teach that the Creator’s initial plan was for the fruit and the tree to have the identical taste. Somehow the Divine imperative included the option that allowed for this not to be fulfilled. This…

The human face is like a canyon: years of erosion cause it to form crags and pockmarks, and people will drive hundreds of miles to see a really big one. Undo the damage with this Groupon
Choose Between Two Options
$35 for a microdermabrasion treatment and deep-pore-cleansing facial (a $123 value)
$35 for a basic facial, radiofrequency eye treatment, and collagen mask (a $120 value)

Do All Diamonds Have a Culet
There are actually a lot of stones without a culet. This happens when the diamond cutter has simply decided not to make the bottom of the stone into a facet by polishing it and has instead left it sharp.
The reason some jewelers don’t create a culet has mostly to do with aesthetics – if you look at a diamond with a culet from above, this small bottom facet is visible from the top as a tiny…

The Trumps are not the only residents of the White House. According to a new report, the historic building is plagued with roaches, mice, and ants.

“This is the Trump administration’s true agenda laid bare: restrict and control how women access basic health care for the sake of an extreme political agenda.” Planned Parenthood supporters gather…

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Discotechnique: PURPLE House of Yes; 10pm; free–$25It looks like this party is actually not Prince themed, but trust us, no one is going to disput

Christmas trees are having a moment in New York right now, especially since the grand Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony took place on Wednesday night. B

The evolution of interior design has been pretty hard to keep up with over the last few years, with trends changing every few months it seems. Whether you are living in a small apartment or a more spacious house, there is art tons of ideas on interior design that can… View Post
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In the ever-escalating battle for immersive theater authenticity, gay ménage-à-trois drama Afterglow is looking to step up its game

Hilary Lewis, the chief curator and creative director of the Glass House, gives an inside look at architect Philip Johnson's structure, which opened in 1949. Video by Inter...

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife, Amy, create the Dale and Amy Earnhardt Fund to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

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