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You know how to take depos like a pro but how are your depo prep skills and organization? Here's a deposition preparation checklist.

A look at a type of legal video, day in the life videos, and how they can impact your next case.

Anti-Semitism is growing increasingly normalized in American society, particularly in progressive circles. One of the most pernicious effects of this normalization relates to the discourse on Israel.

Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico side of Dog Island, the wooden ships now rest in plain view. Previously, only some parts of the site were visible.

The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State bubbled over before the game. It was heated after when Jim Harbaugh and Mark Dantonio exchanged barbs.

Matar co-founded the national movement calling for Israel to assert sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. – Israel will open an embassy in the central African state of Rwanda in 2019, Israel Hayom learned on Sunday....

President Donald Trump said Saturday he would pull out of a Cold-War era treaty with Russia that limited the number of missiles in each country.

Due to the weather forecast and the high risk of floods in the Dead Sea region, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority closed the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve to travelers.

Expert testimony can make or break a case. It is important to ask the right questions in depositions of expert witnesses to get key information.

The Dodgers' Manny Machado, public enemy No. 1 for Brewers fans, was booed mercilessly at Miller Park in Game 6.

In addition to capturing the record by typing 300+ words per minute, another key duty of court reporters in depositions is marking exhibits.

Ilja Janitskin and two other defendants were also ordered to pay 136,000 euros in damages related to the anti-immigrant website MV-lehti.

When 80-foot pines started snapping all around their house, Nathan Bunting knew there was only one unlikely place for his family to take refuge.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s two sides: progressive leader and ruthless ruler. The death of a Saudi journalist may be his undoing.

Nearly all of the 1,000 houses, hotels and condos in Forgotten Coast beach town were either completely destroyed or inhabitable

Election Day is less than three weeks away. A recent study found that Republican candidates tend to have a slight advantage when it rains. – Moscow has transferred three advanced S-300PM anti-aircraft batteries to the Syrian regime, Russian news outlet Izvestia reported on Friday....