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Nikita Lion's Big Yellow Ball - Or is it a lawn chair? Nikita LOVES her Big Yellow Ball. In her younger years, she would chase it at a full run. Now that she...

NYPD officer Johnny Diaz, who transported cocaine and offered to toss cases for payoffs, wept in the front row of the arraignment courtroom on Tuesday, hours before he pleaded guilty to bribery, cocaine possession and petit larceny in exchange for six years behind bars.

Mental-health challenges are a serious - and growing - problem for teenagers. How can you tell if their behavior is normal or something more serious?

Actor Tyrese Gibson says his income has greatly suffered since his wife accused him of domestic abuse.

“Wow is all I can say. It’s not often that an item actually looks better in person, but this does.”

Superintendent Chris Fiedler expects the district will save about $1 million in transportation costs, teaching salaries and district-wide utilities.

Tesla’s board of directors has hired multiple outside law firms, and a number of board members and Tesla employees have urged Mr. Musk to stop posting on Twitter.

Cardi B may have backed out of the Bruno Mars tour, but he's found four other acts to hit the road with him.
Mars announced Tuesday that Boyz II Men, Charlie Wilson, Ciara

The Times’s standards editor, Philip B. Corbett, invites readers to correct grammatical errors in recent New York Times articles.

NEW YORK (AP) — Stevie Wonder visited an ailing Aretha Franklin at her home in Detroit on Tuesday.
Franklin's publicist Gwendolyn Quinn told The Associated Press on

Businesses intent on galvanizing customers to patronize physical stores are faced with the challenge of how best to understand their customers, strengthen their brand identity, increase efficiency, boost revenue and reduce costs.

Kobach’s win sets up an intense gubernatorial race in the fall, and possibly a Democratic win.

A company that bails undocumented immigrants out of detention must face class action claims it intimidates vulnerable people into making exorbitant monthly lease payments on ankle trackers by false…

The 106-year-old youth organization announced Tuesday it has added another brand to its delicious roster of cookie brands.

Little Ponderosa Zoo rescues and houses exotic animals. It is home to a wide variety of mammals, reptiles and birds including big cats, monkeys, wolves, zebras and camels.

When you understand the nuances of pronouns and can strategically use them in writing, you’ll be able to hone your brand voice and engage your supporters.

President Wallace Loh admitted at a news conference on Tuesday that the school's athletic training staff "misdiagnosed" Jordan McNair's collapse and that their failures led to his death.

When it comes to the growing demand for caregiving, the numbers just don’t add up. The U.S., like many industrialized countries, is looking down the barrel of a looming care gap. As my fellow Baby Boomers move headlong into old age, there may not be enough caregivers to go around

Lighthouse Camera makes it easier for users to interact with your security technology.

Southwest Airlines has joined the airlines cracking down on animals brought on flights as emotional support animals.

Andrew Baines orchestrated the spectacle to give the cows a day of rest and relaxation, and break from the mundane and monotonous regime of milking in Sydney's suburb of Double Bay.

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Israel was advised not to export natural gas through Turkey, which was labeled a "dangerous and volatile" player in the region.