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Clearly, the entire affair had been about the suspect getting arrested so that he would be able to distribute the contraband phones among six lucky imprisoned terrorists.

Any freelancer will tell you that while there are benefits to the freelance lifestyle, such as flexibility and autonomy, getting paid can be a major pain point.

Some of the 46,000 applicants who took last fall’s FDNY Firefighter exam are crying foul since the “tentative” April 4 release date of the results came and went with no

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Synology just launched its newest prosumer NAS box, the DS1618+. This 6-bay machine comes with a quad-core 2.1GHz CPU, and 4GB of DDR4 non-ECC memory that can be upgraded to 32GB of ECC RAM. What m…

A third of event professionals generate the majority of their revenue from sources other than ticket sales. But visibility into those lines of revenue has been largely lacking. Nearly 10% of event creators aren’t sure how much of their profit comes from food, drinks, and merchandise. If you simply add up your event’s total revenue from before and during your event, you’ll miss out on greater insights that can grow your business. You need to know what drives your attendees to spend at…

Juan Pablo: The Philosopher is the Ezra Collective’s second offering of modern UK jazz, following the self-released suprise hit Chapter 7. The quintet burn through 4 original compositions and one cover (Sun Ra!) at breakneck speed, and it’s a refreshing, forward-thinking take on the harmonic and rhythmic breakthroughs

Plan B One-Step also known as Morning After Pill can help prevent pregnancy if you've had unprotected sex or maybe your method of birth control failed.

College Decision Day became a part of the activities that we do as a GEAR UP school. After the pilot year at our school, West Virginia GEAR UP made College Decision Day a requirement for all schools receiving the GEAR UP grant. It has grown into a nationwide effort that was championed by Mrs. Obama.

'Music Machine' is the second single taken from Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love. Pre-order here: gabriellacohen.lnk.to/pinkisthecolour Liste...

Balance, determination and discipline: survival tactics for a cadet athlete
By Cadet Logan Miller, regimental public affairs officer and cadet athlete
When I picture a student athlete, I always think about tightrope walking. Tightrope
acrobats tread slowly and carefully over a thin rope suspended high in the sky. The delicate movements require balance, determination and discipline. Similarly, college student athletes walk a tightrope between academic and…

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Today the Weissberg Foundation is pleased to introduce our Equitable Justice program area and fund . You are receiving this email because you are a candidate for funding or you know of organizations that would make great candidates
Our vision for the American justice system is that it is equitable, fair, and rightsized; it values women, girls, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals; and it ceases to…

Was there anybody Studs Terkel didn't know?
The famed broadcaster and author had enough friends and acquaintances to last several lifetimes, so it’s no surprise when he pops up in Micha

NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. death rate rose last year, and 2017 likely will mark the third straight year of decline in American life expectancy, according to preliminary data.

PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — The glowing lava was extinguished as it met the water with the hiss of a million steam irons. An otherworldly cloud flourished from the fizzle, rapidly expand

Untold Australia is Australia's latest SBS series—featuring the lives of ordinary, and sometimes extraordinary, citizens. Today, a new documentary airs. Outback Rabbis follows the lives of the two families who direct Chabad of RARA (Rural and Regional Australia). The 1,500 miles of mostly-uninhabited lands on the drive from Melbourne to Uluru features more red sand plains than people. For Jews in these dispersed communities, connecting with…

Is there anything more cheering than the first balmy, sunny days of spring? After a seemingly endless run of cold, gray days, people of all ages gleefully shed their cold-weather gear, take to the outdoors, and look forward to a season of fun in the sun. And as surely as the seasons change and the sun shines, we can count on hearing the warnings to protect our skin from sun damage. “No one should tune out advice on sun protection,” says Dr. Suzanne…

A federal judge in New York says President Donald Trump violates the First Amendment by blocking critics on Twitter for political speech.

The New Museum Digital Archive contains documentation of the New Museum's program and institutional history in the form of images, video, audio, publications and printed matter.

NEW YORK (AP) — The morning show "Fox & Friends" corrected by tweet a segment that described former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill as unemployed, but has not set the record straight

The teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky show us that successful labor action can happen in any environment.

"It was just one of those magical moments when you're a photographer and everything falls into place,” Alexi Lubomirski says.

Amazing dogs, cats, and bunnies for adoption in New York City! Adopt Today! nycaccpets.shelterbuddy.com/ Donate Today! www.nycacc.org/Donate.h...

This episode explores travel, and I’ll take the partial credit or blame in advance, as it might want to make you quit your job and head off to the airport with a backpack. I have interviewed …

Joe Morris, Tomeka Reid, Kyoko Kitamura, Taylor Ho Bynum
Joe Morris (guitar) Tomeka Reid (cello) Kyoko Kitamura (voice) Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, brass)
The Stone at The New School serves as an artist-centric home and community for experimental and avant-garde artists, where they can perform what they want without any interference. With concerts every Tuesday through Saturday evening, The Stone at The New School continues the…

Here are 12 titles, both fiction and nonfiction, being published this season, and they’d all be worthy additions to your summer reading list. ...

Ride 25-40 miles along Brooklyn’s waterfront from Greenpoint to Riis Park Beach! Discover hidden and far flung neighborhoods, pedal through city, state and national parks and take in spectacular bridge and city views along the Brooklyn WaterfrontGreenway
Continue the fun at The Epic After Party at the Riis Beach Bazaar with bands, food, complimentary beer and take a dip in the sea! Riders will be fully…

If things are feeling too much, read our tips on taking some down time, and give yourself a break. You’re sure to start to feel better.

Barbara Hammer and ICP Assistant Curator Marina Chao discuss the intersections of Hammer's work and the key precepts of