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CLINTON HILL – While celebrating the summer solstice with Make Music New York Thursday, Clinton Hill officially opened the new Myrtle Avenue Plaza and began the three-month Move On Myrtle series. Locals can look forward to free fitness programs, music performances, and kids’ activities scheduled on the plaza through September. The busy schedule of performances on Thursday …

(Paid Content) (Paid Content) Right now is a pivotal moment in filmmaking, when women are finally getting to tell the stories they want to tell. (About time, right?) Take, for instance, Shatterbox — Refinery29's own award-winning, female-helmed short-film series.

The jazz torchbearer's new record Heaven and Earth represents the relationship between his inner world and outward reality.

(Paid Content) (Paid Content) Most days, we wish we could roll out of bed and wear our pajamas to the office. But let’s be honest, our boss might not approve. Instead, it’s all about striking a balance — especially in the dead heat of summer — that’s equal parts business-casual, comfortable, and warm-weather-appropriate (all while making sure we can still transition to a rooftop bar for happy hour).

ABC was widely praised for giving up a highly rated show on principle when it canceled its Roseanne reboot. It turns out it wasn't quite that simple.

In his second act with his band the Voidz, the Strokes front man is carving out a path far less trodden than his early-00s fame explosion.

(Paid Content) (Paid Content) Ah, summer. That’s right, it’s officially here — and it feels good. But even though we’ve been waiting practically all year for this moment, we’ll admit we’re not totally prepared. Sure, we’ve replenished the rosé shelf in our fridge, and yes, our bathroom cabinet is stocked with everything from hydrating masks to sun protectants, but when it comes to our closet, well, some essential updates are still in order.

On Sunday, voters will elect a president and parliament in snap elections called by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has amassed broad powers over the years. Here's a look at what's at stake.

Data science has useful applications in financial services and the entertainment industry. Matthew Marolda, Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment, and Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet, tell CXOTalk about the core techniques of data science, its common elements across industries, and lessons to be learned.

The challenge with turkey burgers, however, is that they tend to be bland and boring compared to traditional hamburgers! We will show the easiest way! Browse...

There are many business ideas to consider if you want to start your own summer business. Here's one:

Healthy eating isn’t a new trend. In fact, it’s one that keeps gaining momentum as more people get interested in fueling their bodies the right way! Browse S...

It’s summer, which means one thing for Israeli beachgoers on the Mediterranean coast — watch out for jellyfish. “It’s their...

The Palestinian Authority has been boycotting the Trump administration since December 2017, which is why Kushner and Greenblatt will likely skip Ramallah this time.

It makes me physically ill to see Jews abroad and even my own government in Israel bend over backward to not seem “too aggressive” to the nations of the world who love to condemn Israel for defending her citizens.

Virgin Atlantic have this week announced the appointment Shai Weiss as CEO, with the current Chief Commercial Officer due to take up the position on January 1st 2019 following the retirement of current CEO Craig Kreeger, who will stay in the role up until then to assist with the transition
The move comes as the airline prepares to embark on its mid-range corporate plan, Velocity, in…

Site of the new caravans housing the evacuees from the new Nativ Ha'avot, meters away from their old homes.

The rise of working from home has helped change how we view the business landscape
For many people it has proved hugely helpful in developing meaningful and successful careers, whilst keeping up with the pace of day-to-day life.
In the case of working parents, or individuals who find it hard to travel far from home, the growing acceptance and appreciation for work conducted in the home is opening up new, and very successful, opportunities - with home workers now contributing an estimated £167…

The Inclusion Allies Coalition is a group of close to 400 organizations and individuals committed to diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations and society. We strive to advocate for and …

The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is committed to giving entrepreneurs the best opportunities possible – so much so that our only true measure of success is how well we’ve helped businesses in the Caribbean thrive
The National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB) has been supporting Jamaica for over 175 years. It’s partners like the NCB that mean the world to us at the Branson Centre –…