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An announcement is expected to be made that the state of Florida will allow dry cannabis flower sales instead of just extracts and concentrates for medicinal use.

It sounds so innocent
If, however, you have a relative or loved one who has Sundowner Alzheimer’s then you know that this pleasant enough phrase that often describes one of the most tranquil parts of the day is a condition that can cause great concern. This symptom symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, which is also known as late-day confusion, refers to the tendency for dementia patients to be more confused or agitated in the late afternoon and evening. In contrast, these patients may have…

1999 - The Knocks Remix, a song by Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, The Knocks on Spotify

Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is nearing a deal to join Fox Sports as a college football analyst, according to a report.

From personal injury legal claims to a bicycle accident to motorcycle operation laws, Oregon is a little different. Here are some of the legal stipulations for riding motorcycles in Oregon state.

Long-stemmed roses come and go; but a tree that blossoms in the spring and fall and fruits in the winter and summer is forever.

For every Tolkien fanatic who has ever dreamed of living in the Shire, this rental is like a slice of heaven on Middle Earth.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Saying the terrifying scenario plays out in a typical mother or father’s mind several times per day, a report released Monday by researchers at Rutgers University revealed that losing a child in a high-stakes underground poker tournament remains Americans’ biggest parenting fear. “According to our survey data, every mom and dad’s greatest nightmare is looking into the innocent young eyes of their beloved firstborn…

Paxton Lynch lasted just two years with the Denver Broncos after being selected with the No. 26 pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

A BuzzFeed News report cited two law-enforcement officials who said Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress, and Cohen regularly briefed him on the Moscow deal.

Trump reportedly learned about the friendship between Robert Mueller and his Attorney General nominee William Barr by watching him testify on TV.

A baby was found dead Wednesday night in the bathroom of an Amazon warehouse in west Phoenix. Police responded to the call at 8:30 p.m.

Rather than the Lakers' gold game shorts, Michael Beasley still had on black practice shorts when he tried to check in Thursday against the Thunder.

The company performed better with subscribers than it did on the revenue front in the fourth quarter.

A sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald will be removed from an art museum in Israel after the display sparked violent protest, Haifa mayor said.

Up to three years of paid support will be available after the cut-off.

McCarthy is following in the footsteps of his ousted predecessors, Boehner and Ryan, in retaliating against his colleagues

‘In a world of lies, deception, and fraud, we appreciate this honest guy,’ reads a tweet Michael Cohen apparently paid for.