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Discover creatures and magic in our oceans.
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Painstaking new work suggests that the burning balls of gas started forming about 180 million years after the cosmos burst into being.

When I can’t find the words or imagery to express how I feel, I turn to film stills. I have hundreds of them saved or screen-captured into a folder on my phone, and over the last year, I’ve watched…

The leader of one of the world's largest manufacturing economies, Angela Merkel, said at the recent World Economic Forum that “data will be the raw material of the 21st century.” It is clear that we are in a world where data has become the business. What do I mean by that?

The reality for many urban children is too much time spent indoors playing on smartphones – but a few cities are fighting the tide with innovative ways to keep kids healthy, sociable – and outdoors

"This is seriously one of the most detrimental things you can say to someone with anxiety."

The only thing better than beautiful jewelry is beautiful jewelry that contributes to a better future. And in the case of online accessories brand Bird + Stone, the future is definitely female.Launched in 2013 by Elana Reinholtz, Bird + Stone is a New York City-based startup that raises funds and awareness for organizations aimed at building an equal world. It’s driven by the idea that every consumer can be a micro-philanthropist and create change by leveraging their purchasing power to fight...

When building something, what you don’t see matters as much, if not more, than what’s visible. The same concept applies to finance systems. In this interactive infographic, we make it easy to understand the core foundational elements of Workday Financial Management.

Many of today's retirees are trapped, waiting for the golden age of 59.5 before they can access their hard-earned retirement savings. What those retirees don't know is that there may be a way around that rule, allowing them early access to their money - with no penalty.

To highlight racial income disparity, a chef in New Orleans opened a food stall at which he asked whites to pay $30 and people of color to pay $12 for the same meal. How did it play out?

A couple of weeks ago, two dozen kids were seen scrambling about the gardens surrounding the Governor’s residence in downtown Raleigh. They weren’t there for a lesson in civics or

Anyone who lives in Willsboro -- year-round or just for the summer -- will tell you it is a special place.

Despite stringent rationing of water, city officials say Cape Town could run completely dry as soon as July, which would make it the first major city in the world to do so. What do you think?

HR decision-makers are often faced with a problem: How can a business take two of its most complex ideas, talent management and the organization's overall business strategy, and make them one?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's move to impose tariffs on imported steel is meant to protect an industry that employs about 140,000 Americans. Yet by raising the price

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. (AP) — More than 100 police officers, some heavily armed in camouflage uniforms, searched neighborhoods near Central Michigan University on Friday for a 19-y

PARIS (AP) — The French film world may be having its #MeToo moment.
One after another, stars showed up at the industry's top awards show Friday wearing a white ribbo

Before Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the Oscars, he hosted a show where he humped women on camera, made fun of their weight, and joked that Oprah had to do "a little more sock washing."

HPL 400/38/16 US EDITION KEY FEATURES Holzma Cadmatic Professional Control – Simple to use touch screen control with moving graphics. Prompts the operator th...

A roundup of all our best stories to get up to speed for the 90th Academy Awards

STEP 1: Find a simple thing to make more complicated.

The entrepreneurs will receive access to the Campus Martius WeWork co-working space, as well as a specially-designed lounge and meeting space for those enrolled in the program.

I just supported Rebel Girls: The Podcast! on @ThunderclapIt // @TimbuktuMag

When it comes to ending workplace slavery, brand attacks might ignite fleeting moments of righteous social media outrage, but companies need to dig a lot deeper into their supply chains for lasting change.