Business in Boerum Hill - Brooklyn, NY

With more than 14,000 stores nationwide, McDonald’s workers are faced with incidents of violence on a regular basis. But McDonald’s isn’t doing enough.

For Central American migrants who follow U.S. government rules for pursuing asylum, conditions on the Mexican side of the border are sweltering, filled with anxiety and illness. Few people have a c…

Police vehicles are deployed in the vicinity of the home of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect Robert Bowers’ in Baldwin, Pennsylvania, …

Rationale Patients with fibrotic interstitial lung disease frequently develop resting or exertional hypoxemia. There is heterogeneity in clinical practice and a paucity of evidence guiding supplemental oxygen use in this patient population. The objectives of this study were to build international expert-based consensus on the indications and goals of supplemental oxygen from the perspective of health-care providers, and identify potential barriers to its access
Methods Semi-structured…

The government document has no changes regarding the Christmas bonus or pensions

At a moment of public dissatisfaction with the European Union and rejection of its pro-business and pan-European policies, Europeans began voting Thursday in elections that will determine the makeup of the European Parliament and, by extension, who will lead the EU’s powerful institutions, chief among them the executive branch.

Cindy Brown remembers when she decided to divorce Bobby Joe Long, the serial killer facing execution Thursday as a result of a murderous spree that claimed 10 women's lives and terrorized Florida's Tampa Bay area in 1984.

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While out shopping at Target yesterday, Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) posted a photo of her rock-and-roll outfit and detailed what she bought for daughter, Harper, prompting one follower to suggest that the photo wasn’t current. “Details about my health and medical conditions are nobody’s business, so I won’t go into my temporary weight gain to satisfy anyone’s Read More

Also known as plasticizers, phthalates are also commonly found in food packaging and plastics

Design Systems are beasts that want to get tamed. With the right preparation, diligence and perseverance we can get it done.

As more women come forward to report sexual assault, some say law enforcement has failed them. ‘There was no collection of evidence,’ one victim said. ‘Except off my body.’

The United States continues to be the only advanced economy that does not guarantee its workers paid vacation and holidays. This report is the third revision of No-Vacation Nation (2007) and No-Vacation Nation Revisited (2013) comparing the statutory requirements for paid vacations and paid holidays in 21 rich countries (16 European countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand) and the United States.

Hudson Valley Harvest: Spinach — Milton, NY (LOCAL) Baldor: Asparagus, Green and Purple — Seneca Castle, NY (LOCAL) Corn, Bi-Color — USA Nectarines, White — California Four Seasons Produce: Apples,…

With the dangers of miscalculation or misunderstanding high, Trump should act now to make sure the only wars the United States enters are the ones…

With extra long days and scenery that reveals itself in a palette of soft blues, greens and browns, summer is the best time to explore the spectacular...

Das Boot (Level 2): Das sind mindestens 10 deutsche Biere! David Hasselhoff would be proud of you. Prost!
That's 10 different German Beers! Try 5 more for Level 3.

We tested 30 sweat-wicking and breathable workout shirts to see how they'd perform in southern California heat. These 12 are the best.

Sun care and skincare brands are branching out and making tinted versions of their facial sunscreens.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Former Argentine President Cristina Fernández was in court this week for the first in a string of trials charging her with corruption. Fernández remains a hugely...

Celebrating with a bottle of milk is one of the most famous Indy 500 traditions. Here's the type of milk each driver wants to have if he/she wins.

The 19-year-old actress shows Vogue her daily beauty routine—and how she amps it up to capture the carefree mood of summer.

Warren’s campaign released a list of cases Wednesday night on her website, revealing a far higher number than previously disclosed.

If creative insults are the measure, Keith Thurman beat Manny Pacquiao by TKO during a news conference to promote their July 20 boxing match.

The carriers, Air China, China Eastern and China Southern, which are all state-controlled, grounded dozens of 737 Max jets after a crash in Ethiopia in March.