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Residents of the Stony Point neighborhood are still reeling after the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Department turned roughly a dozen members of the community

The giant hotel chain became the latest company to announce it will stop using plastic straws, saying it would remove them from its more than 6,500 properties by next July.

A pilot-scale facility that extracts valuable rare earth elements from coal waste byproducts officially opened its doors this week at West Virginia

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During an interview Wednesday, Trump said he told President Vladimir Putin during talks in Helsinki that another round of election meddling would not be tolerated.

Last month, North Carolina General Assembly members passed legislation that will allow Cherokees without degrees or certification to teach the tribe’s

The agency has not had permanent leadership since July 2017. If confirmed by the Senate, Steven Dillingham will oversee the 2020 census and inherit six lawsuits challenging a citizenship question.

Jesse Randall Davidson pleaded guilty to charges related to the shooting that occurred just two weeks after the Parkland, Fla., massacre. Davidson's attorney said he didn't want to hurt any kids.

A 9-year-old girl was shot and killed by a stray bullet as she slept in her bed early Tuesday, and authorities urged witnesses to come forward to help find the killer.

Writer, poet and artist Keisha-Gaye Anderson will be working on her project at a part of the Artist In Residence at Macon and Eastern Parkway Libraries.

To help end the confusion among landlords and homeless people, New York City will streamline its rental assistance voucher program beginning in the fall.

It's an exciting time to be at Camp Friendship in Virginia! Week 5 has been a great one, with over 35 exciting activities to try and so many new people to me...

I recently returned from a trip to several cities in Russia, and wanted to share some interesting public space furniture ideas I encountered. Many Russian cities have seen considerable investment in their public spaces in anticipation of hosting the World Cup, like the waterfront hammocks in Samara pictured above. I’d love to see something like …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outhustled a 10-term incumbent to win a Democratic congressional primary. But the young Bronxite socialist’s every word is now being amplified — by supporters who see her as an exemplar of a bold new progressive future, and by foes who want to paint her as the scary face o

Arizona State University (ASU) is becoming especially friendly to Jewish students. The research university, made up of five campuses across the Phoenix metropolitan area, is home to 3,500 Jewish students. Thanks to the efforts of Chabad representatives Rabbi Shmuel and Chana Tiechtel, kosher lunches and dinners will now allow Jewish students to more easily follow the dietary laws. Jennifer Hightower, vice president of student services, explains…

We know from juvenile justice that zero-tolerance and detention harm rather than help children, write Sarah Sherman-Stokes and Wendy Kaplan. Our immigration policy should reflect those lessons.

Become the champion of BPL's digital bowling league! Older adults are welcome to join a team, learn how to bowl using a Microsoft Xbox One and compete with neighborhood libraries and senior sites in the community.

On Thursday, the second of three performances featuring all-Latinx artists, in collaboration with their Radical Women exhibition, will take place.

When people and drugs mix, shenanigans often follow. Even when it's in the name of medicine, the combination of people and drugs can lead to hilarious scenarios - people's stories of anesthesia remain proof of this. The body reacts to anesthesia in different ways depending on the person, whic...

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Through the Ezra Jack Keats Story and Craft program, librarians read aloud to children and lead a craft activity related to the themes and images of the book. At the end of each session, every child is given a free copy of one of…

Published by Michael Novogradac on Monday, July 2, 2018
Even after tax reform, home ownership is on target to receive far more federal tax subsidies than rental housing
According to an analysis by Novogradac & Company of homeownership and rental subsidies included in the recent Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) report, “Estimates of Federal Tax Expenditures for Fiscal Years 2017-2021,” the federal government will provide more…

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Virgin Atlantic has named its newest Dreamliner aircraft Lady Freedom in honour of Nelson Mandela
In celebration of the friendship between the former South African President and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, and to commemorate what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, the airline has named the Boeing 787-9 aircraft after the global icon. Lady Freedom came into service in March 2018 and honours Mandela’s…

Watch COGOP Webcast - English's IA2018 on Livestream.com. 100th International Assembly

Visiting is like hopping in a time machine. Instead of visiting that hotspot everyone's already seen on Instagram or been to before, take a trip back in time. Small town America is thriving, and these destinations prove why - they're full of history, unique culture, and interesting people to meet.

Republican Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio talks with NPR's David Greene about his reaction to President Trump's statements about Russian interference in the U.S. election.

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

7/21 Monthly Fresh Pantry
The Fort Greene & Farragut Fresh Pantry will be distributing FREE produce this Saturday (3rd Saturday of each month) at Navy + Nassau for local NYCHA residents. Opens at 9:30am. MORE
7/21 Brazils Waxing Opening
7/23 FREE Outdoor Yoga
Move on Myrtle's free Monday morning fitness classes brings yoga by Sacred Brooklyn to the Myrtle Avenue Plaza this coming Monday, 7-8am. MORE

What is the purpose of art? To entertain, decorate or communicate? With so many types of art, and such a range of motivations for an artist, it seems like an impossible question
Or course, art - in all its various forms and applications - can do all these things and more. And some pieces may do none of the above. There are plenty of artists who create for pleasure, with no intention of sharing their work publicly.
Art as business
But for many,…

Solomon moonlights as a DJ, going by the name D-Sol and spinning electronic dance tunes everywhere from London to the Bahamas.