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This view of the landscape to the north of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity was acquired by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) on the afternoon of the first day after landing. (The team calls this day Sol 1, which is the first Martian day of operations; Sol 1 began on Aug. 6, 2012.) In the distance, the image shows the north wall and rim of Gale Crater. The image is murky because the MAHLI's removable dust cover is apparently coated with dust blown…

The Great Depression is perhaps best remembered through the photographs that came out of the Farm Security Administration. A vast majority of the image ...

Colorization of grayscale images is a simple task for the human imagination
Researchers from the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago and University of Chicago developed a fully automatic image colorization system using deep learning and GPUs. Their paper mentions previous approaches required some level of user input.
Using a TITAN X GPU , they trained their deep neural network to predict hue and chroma distributions for…

Electron microscopes are renowned for their ability to peer down into the hidden world of the very small. Trouble is, these tools only produce images in black and white. A new technique that took 15 years to develop finally overcomes this optical limitation, producing the first ever multicolor electron microscope images.

After a long series of black-and-white photos from New Horizons' LORRI camera, NASA has finally released some spectacular images with added color from the Ralph camera.

Just minutes before the long-awaited flyby took place at 7:49AM ET, NASA "teased" the final full-frame color image of Pluto set to be released before the event by publishing it on Instagram. It was...

“I feel as though there is a need for women of color to make images of women of color where we can literally see ourselves."

Fiery Color and Imaging technology delivers high-quality images with accurate and consistent color.

GP Color Imaging Group is based in North Hollywood, California and the exclusive supplier of Starlight UV®, a high-color-fidelity fluorescent printing process. Specializing in banners, wallcoverings, and temporary and permanent indoor/outdoor displays.
GP Color Imaging Group services clients across the U.S. in a cross-section of industries including retail, advertising, events and theme parks.

This image might look a little grainy to you, but you really should give it a chance. What you're looking at is the output from the world's highest resolution color printer, and it's actually an extreme close-up of an image that measures just 50 micrometers across—the same width as a human hair.

The remains of ESA's Schiaparelli lander can be seen scattered around a blackened crater on the surface of Mars.

New color images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft show two very different faces of the mysterious dwarf planet, one with a series of intriguing spots along the equator that are evenly spaced.

The latest trend in interior design and decorating has seen a grand and at times vibrant use of colors that dazzle with energy and playfulness. The modern

Minority youth are often portrayed through a distorted lens. But many live counternarratives every day.

See stunning photos of nature, technology, and more inspired by the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, a happy and refreshing green hue.

The GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational data and are undergoing on-orbit testing.'s Image Sensor is a state of the art sensor that detects motion and snaps a picture of what caused it and then sends it to you via text or email. I...

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