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Regenexx, which runs a string of clinics, says stem cell injections can save employers a lot of money, but critics say there’s no proof.

In the midst of a fierce legislative battle over student immunization requirements, a Bay Area News Group investigation found a who’s-who of ‘‘vaccine choice’’ doctors signed the bulk of the 180 vaccine exemptions on file at eight local school districts, with five doctors accounting for more than half. The exemption practices of three doctors in …

Concluding its second year at Hebrew University, the program has brought dozens of Chinese students to Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Hebron, Samaria, the Negev and Sderot.

"You can see a number of different species such as the Koi who feed on reproductive products, and barracuda who attempt to devour the tangs during the breeding process."

A Pennsylvania woman was taken to the hospital after she was bitten by a venomous copperhead snake when she went to her basement to do laundry.

"Even if for now there is no confirmation of an anti-Semitic motive, the attacks on Jews, and especially elderly women of Jewish faith, in this popular district of Paris revive painful memories."

Selah Schneiter of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, completed the 3,000-foot (910 meters) climb of the vertical rock formation with the help of her father.

Taco Bell's free Doritos Locos taco giveaway has been extended for consumers who were unable to redeem the offer online because of tech issues.

Samuel Abreght's loved ones took to Facebook, pleading for the thief to return the urn, but to no avail.

Biden noted his ability to "get things done" with former Senators James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, who fought against the Civil Rights Movement and opposed the racial integration of schools.

Last week, two things happened that are useful markers for where Toronto sits in the struggle to manage the impact from Bill 5: a court appeal and a committee meeting. There are insights and questions that arose from them for all Canadian cities to consider. There is a bigger conversation to be had about the …

Eliza Skinner Eliza Skinner is an LA based comedian who TimeOut LA & NY have described as "one to watch". She was the head writer for Drop The Mic on TBS, and is a frequent guest star on

If you want to look like the kind of person who says water is their beauty secret, these hydrating serums are for you.

If it seems like your troubling case of bacterial vaginosis just won't quit, here's what you need to know. For starters, you're not alone.

From floral skirts to statement sandals, there's a fun (and affordable) piece for you somewhere in the mix ahead.

Jun 20, 2019 07:00 pm | eventsteam
FREE EVENT During the periods of stress, the cell’s state of vulnerability to inharmonic frequencies increases. EMFs can enter cells through the cell membrane and accumulate internally, thereby altering the cells balance. Its predicted that once body has undergone a period of stress, it tends to block anything that it was exposed to during that…

The theme was “volunteers make the world a better place” as Maimonides Medical Center hosted its annual volunteer recognition ceremony on June …

Welcome to Real Washington, a new podcast where thought leaders from litigation and regulation to Wall Street and movement politics discuss what's next. We s...

Advanced Dermatology can help you remove fungal infections such as Ring worms and Athlete's Foot in our offices near Bergen County, Long Island, Queens, and other locations in the tri-state area.

You know how to take depos like a pro but how are your depo prep skills and organization? Here's a deposition preparation checklist.

The three Korean automotive brands are producing the highest quality vehicles in the U.S., according to an influential annual survey by J.D. Power.