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This story originally ran on Sept. 15, 2011 The opening chords of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" blare over the Yankee Stadium sound system, and by the time the drums kick in 15 seconds later, everyone in the building knows what is about to happen.

Mariano Rivera knew that he had thrown the final pitch of his illustrious career, and the newest Hall of Famer was fighting off what he would describe as "a bombardment of emotions" as he spotted two familiar figures approaching the mound. The greatest reliever that the game will ever know had to laugh. Here came Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte, clad in sweatshirts and deputized by their manager, Joe Girardi, to retrieve the baseball. Rivera heard Jeter say that it was "time to… - - SUBSCRIBE FOR PROPHECIES THAT MAY BENEFIT YOU - - Bishop D. Ranglin (Bulldozer) ministers in New York

Wearing shorts through the winter has become a trend among young boys and teenage boys. Want to know why? We explain.

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It was just about a year ago that Celeste Ng’s 2014 debut novel, “Everything I Never Told You,’’ got optioned. Read more on

Today the ACLU announced a victory in the fight against cruel conditions that factory farmed animals have to live with. For years in Iowa there was a law known as the Ag-Gag laws (“agriculture gag”) threatened to put people who would enter factory farming facilities under false pretexts for the purp

Rivera, the closer who helped the Yankees win five World Series, is the first player to be elected unanimously. Joining him in election: Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina.

Your central nervous system consists of your brain and your spinal cord, while your peripheral nervous system connects these to the rest of your body. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when your peripheral nervous system malfunctions, causing weakness, numbness, feelings of "pins and needles,"

NEW YORK -- The pitch that Mariano Rivera refers to as "a gift from God" inexplicably appeared one afternoon in June 1997, as the reliever played catch with a teammate in front of the Yankees' dugout. Each toss darted with wicked movement, and what would be recognized as the most lethal cut fastball in history had been born. With that magical offering, the regal Rivera destroyed…

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Protecting reputations
Ask teens to represent themselves in a way they can be proud of. Remind them that everything they post on the internet could be accessible for anyone to find in the future.
Promoting a positive community.
Encourage young adults to think before they post, not post anything that will make someone feel bad and not to bully. Remind them to let an adult know if they are experiencing this bad behavior.
Balancing time.
Whether your teens are online for educational reasons…