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Recruiters only spend on average six seconds on each resume they review. How do you keep recruiters reading? Learn how to bulletproof your resume. Trust In The Lord Hour Genesis 1:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divi...

Will A Democratic Congress Nullify Tribulation Trump’s Presidency? (19 July 2018) The Manning Report ~

7/20 Our Lady of Good Health Mass
7/20-21 Mounting the Summit Young Adult Retreat REGISTER
7/21-22 Blessing of Cars and Drivers
7/23-27 All Sports Camp week 2
7/27 Mass in support of those who have lost a pet 7:30pm - reception afterwards
7/28 Brazilian Community 15 Anniversary Celebration 4pm
7/28-29 Faith Formation REGISTRATION
8/4 Retiro con P. Felipe Scott 9-5 (FC)
8/4-5 Knights of Columbus School…

In 2018, a New Zealand firm reduced its workweek to 32 hours over four days, and found that workers were more productive during their time at work.

UMCARES Audit System Mini-Webinar on August 20
This short webinar will demonstrate how to use the audit system in UMCARES and discuss why you will want to use it. The audit system can be an invaluable tool for updating records. read more
Update District Superintendents
We would like to remind you to update your annual conference District Superintendents in UMCARES. Instructions on how to make the… Dr. Manning Met Jesus In The Brooklyn House Of Detention And Prayed The Right Prayer (19 July 2018) ~

A mother's employment status has no significant association with whether her child grows up to be a happy adult, new research finds.

The ACLU argued the fees, which amounted to thousands of dollars, violated organizer's First Amendment rights.

Intel is beefing up its portfolio of chips with the purchase of eASIC, a fabless designer of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Officials at Digital Surgery (London) boast successful demonstration of a real-time, dynamic artificial intelligence system designed for the operating room.

The retailer’s new back-to-school discount says a lot about the state of education funding in the United States.

For many donors, there is no better way to know their gift is making a difference than by seeing it in action. For two representatives from Canon Solutions America, getting a first-hand look at how the University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic cares for patients is all the proof they need. “This is one of … Continued

Help your child – and your whole family – eat healthy and stay physically active. The healthy habits your child learns now can last a lifetime.

Based on J.M. Barrie’s iconic Peter Pan tales, Neverland: Peter Returns is the Swedish Cottage’s spin on the beloved children’s classic. Leaving their parents behind, the Darling children follow Peter...

While most people probably hear the word "date" and immediately picture an amorous, candlelit outing between two people, a romantic date isn't the only kind of date you can go on. Going on dates by yourself is a great way to practice self-care: you g…

In this oldest part of Japan there is now a wave of innovation sweeping breweries, and it looks like Nara of all places may start to push sake even further.

NEW YORK -- When Gleyber Torres began his season in a Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre uniform, the standout infielder spoke frequently about remaining focused and humble, preventing his thoughts from wandering toward a seemingly inevitable promotion to the Yankees. His reality has exceeded even what might have been imagined then. Promoted to New York in late April, Torres became the fourth Yankees player to be named an All-Star…

The Yankees completed the first half with a 62-33 record that 28 of the other 29 teams would have gladly swapped for. The one club with a better record happens to be leading the American League East, and so as they aim to chase down the Red Sox, manager Aaron Boone says there is no satisfaction in what the Yanks have accomplished. "Our expectation is that we're going to be great," Boone said. "We've put ourselves in a position to have that opportunity…