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Knowing that you can overcome the worst effects of the polar vortex with ease gives you the sense that Subaru cares.

Are you considering forming a real estate team? Ensure your leads warrant it, and ask yourself these questions.

Although winter is filled with festive holiday occasions, it can also be cold to a point of cruelty. You don't need a big, heavy, puffy coat to stay warm and toasty though. Here's how to layer up for comfortable, effective (and stylish) warmth.

The Retirement Red Zone is a critical time in planning and managing your finances. One small mistake could cause big problems, which is why understanding the risks is so important.

You are probably seeing more turbocharged four-cylinder engines. Domestic manufacturers like GM and Ford have powered a wide variety of cars and SUVs with small displacement turbo engines. Also, import manufacturers like BMW, Nissan and VW use turbos on base engines and high-performance engines. Turbos are not a new trend; many applications have been on the roads for more than a decade.

After more than 25,000 customers were without electricity across the region on Monday morning, Appalachian Power reports numbers have significantly dwindled — and all services should be restored by Thursday night, at the latest.

In addition to the tire's name, there is a lot of information provided on the sidewall.

When stopped by Walmart personnel, the suspect allegedly reached into his $1,000 pile of loot to grab a knife. According to KPD records, he stated, "I'm poor, I need this," then pulled the weapon back as if he was "going to do something."

We asked writers and editors to choose some of their favorite stories of the year in various categories. Here is the best in essays.

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