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Unique People Services (UPS) Day Hab Program held an Art Show at their 112-21 Farmers Boulevard location, on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. The Art show was a cu

Jupiter's magnetic field has changed since the 1970s, and now physicists think they know why it's happening.

Please remember when making your contribution that many companies and organizations you are involved with may have matching gift programs which can double or even triple the impact your contribution makes. All you have to do is ask them
* Heather Cunningham/Retro Productions is sponsored by The Field, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the New York City performing arts community. Contributions made to The Field…

Gentrifying neighborhoods are a key reason behind the vermin outbreak, which extends beyond New York — Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles are also confronting issues.

Before it’s too late, I must address one of my pet peeves: deliberately putting plastic in soil. Get more gardening advice at

The unit's clapboard ceilings and exposed brick will appeal to fans of the industrial look. See inside the latest listings at

While buyers are experiencing sticker shock from record-high prices, renters aren’t faring any better. |

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was asking the public to help it identify the culprit. The M.T.A. said “thousands” of commutes were affected.

Check in with the members of your real estate team, and help them set the stage for success.

Generating Leads on a Budget - Paid lead sources like Local Connect are an easy and efficient way to fuel your business’s lead funnel, but if you’re just starting out or haven’t found

The National Moment of Remembrance encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation.

At Alliance Council 2017, John Stumbo shares the history behind Alliance ministry to the Chinese and Hmong peoples.

These are the latest additions to the new POWER TRAINER sports lineup from G-SHOCK. The good-looking designs and utility colors of these models maximize coordination possibilities with both everyday fashions and training wear. Function-wise, these watches link with the G-SHOCK Connected phone app to provide access to a number of functions that enhance workouts. Daily health and fitness support functions include a 3-axis accelerometer that keeps…

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