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We are into the modest fashion for Muslim clothing, we provide the diverse range of stylish, yet trendiest designs of Islamic clothing Abaya to Hijab, Tunic Tops to Shrug, including the designer India & Pakistani Shalwar Kameez.

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As noxious greenhouse gases cause a warming of the atmosphere, that change in the climate, in turn, exacerbates pollution that is literally killing millions of people every year.

Don’t want to pay the Met’s $25 admission fee? Here’s a guide to free and low-cost museums in New York.

An attorney is blaming the acne medication Accutane’s side effects in defense of a 15-year-old stabbing a girl to death.

How premenstrual dysphoric disorder is different from PMS and clinical depression.

Heart disease is just as deadly in women as it is in men — it’s the No. 1 killer of women, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

While there is still no cure, new psoriasis treatments now allow millions of people who live with this skin condition to sport short sleeves once again.

When I can’t find the words or imagery to express how I feel, I turn to film stills. I have hundreds of them saved or screen-captured into a folder on my phone, and over the last year, I’ve watched…

In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. This sidewall, with its medallions and stylized animal imagery, brings to mind medieval and Renaissance brocades made centuries earlier. However, its two-tone blue gray color scheme has little in common with the vibrant colors of those rich textiles, reflecting the paper’s modernity. The rough quality of the line…

The only thing better than beautiful jewelry is beautiful jewelry that contributes to a better future. And in the case of online accessories brand Bird + Stone, the future is definitely female.Launched in 2013 by Elana Reinholtz, Bird + Stone is a New York City-based startup that raises funds and awareness for organizations aimed at building an equal world. It’s driven by the idea that every consumer can be a micro-philanthropist and create change by leveraging their purchasing power to fight...

Ready, Set, Go get your Toyota today! Spring is coming! Enjoy the season with a great deal on a new Toyota. For more, visit www.toyota.com/local-speci...

Happy birthday to Dr. Suess and Happy Read Across America Day! We feel so lucky to have welcomed some incredible authors to our stage like Toni Morrison, Lou Reed, and more. ow.ly/vOit30iISgw

Skiers, skaters, and other winter athletes run an increased risk of lung and bronchial infections when training in cold weather. Stoll, a German manufacturer of knitting machinery, worked together with academic and industry partners to incorporate smart textile technology in this balaclava. A mesh panel over the mouth and nose is knitted with copper wire that heats air to 40⁰ C (104⁰ F) before it is…

A 2018 study of American sentimentality commissioned by Life Storage revealed that even digital natives have printed photos. What else do people hold onto and why? You may be surprised by the data.

Growing Together as Disciples
My Dear Friends
Today we are invited to climb Mt. Tabor with our Lord, Peter, James, and John and experience the wonder of the Transfiguration. Jesus speaks to us through the Sacred Scripture: “Listen to Him!” We witness the bread and wine “transfigured” into the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior. “Transfigured” by this sacred encounter, we must allow His light to shine through us as we leave the “holy mountain” to proclaim the love and mercy…

Technology is radically transforming public health and healthcare delivery. And public health experts are leveraging technology to improve quality of care for patients. Here are four ways technology is transforming public health as we know it. Online Medical Consultations Online medical consultations are becoming commonplace. Telehealth allows patients to consult with a doctor, nurse practitioner …

We all feel it—our technology feels like a century ahead of us, while our behaviors are reflective of decades before us. The systemic issues in the lack of inclusiveness in design, tech, and hiring…

Spending in servers up double digit driven by Service Providers, Refreshes - #tideforallboats

Burn our Lodestone Incense Powder to draw Good Luck into the home or workplace

New evidence shows green spaces in urban neighborhoods increase outdoor usage and lessen the opportunity for crime

Yien-Koo Wang King, his daughter, plans to pursue claims worth millions of dollars against the estate's former executor. Read More

May SEO mistakes that many ecommerce entrepreneurs make can be avoided. Follow these 4 tips to avoid costly SEO mistakes.

As the head of design at Braun, a German consumer goods manufacturer, from 1961 to 1995, Dieter Rams created a myriad of products—from calculators to fans to watches--which are now considered hallmarks of 20th century industrial design. Many of these objects are currently on display in Bob Greenberg Selects at Cooper Hewitt until September 9, 2018. Dieter Rams’ designs are characterized by their outward simplicity, intuitiveness…

During a lucid dream, we can maintain control over our actions within the dream itself. The subconscious mind is a powerful force for change, but accessing it requires some practice and dedication.

With the retail landscape, both online and in-store, more competitive than ever, retailers are doing more to set themselves apart from their competitors — especially with exceptional customer service.Luxury-level customer service is expected at high-end businesses, but any retailer can offer high-touch service to their customers. That includes small, family businesses and brands that prefer to sell at fairs, festivals, and marketplaces.As a customer, you’ve likely experienced this kind of “wh...

New York personal injury attorney Leandros A. Vrionedes discusses construction accident case applying 240(1) to collapsed floor during demolition.

Also known as Witch's Salt. Our Black Salt (Sal Negra) is sprinkled to protect yourself from witchcraft and evil enemies.