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Flu vaccines are an important part of protecting yourself from influenza. Get answers to your flu shot questions to decide if you need one.

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By: Cheryl Maguire There is something all moms dread more than anything. I’m not talking about potty training although, that’s up there. I’m referring to the fear that your child will contract lice…

Cooking is what makes us human, according to Richard Wrangham, a British primatologist and professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University — among others.

A Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) discriminatory interference claim can be based on a failure to promote, but an exercise-of-rights interference claim can’t be based on a corrected error that didn’t prevent a worker from taking entitled leave.

Baseball players at all skill levels routinely suffer from foot and ankle injuries, with position players being afflicted more often than pitchers or catchers..

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