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Penal substitution is a theory of the atonement that says God literally punished Jesus on the Cross
This theory is problematic because one cannot justly punish an innocent person, and Jesus was innocent. Therefore, for God to literally punish him would be unjust.
In a previous post , I discussed how this view relates to other theories of the atonement. In this post, we’ll take a look at a proposed basis in Scripture for penal substitution.
A Scriptural Basis?
Advocates of penal substitution…

Most basic theological terms come from Greek or Latin, but one sprang from English: atonement
Here, the –ment suffix is used to refer to the result of something, like amazement is the result of something that amazes. Atonement, therefore, is the result of an action that atones.
So where does “atone” come from? It’s a contraction of the phrase “at one.” By making atonement for mankind, Jesus made it so that God and man are no longer separated. They are now “at one”—or…

Isaiah 52 and 53 famously describe a mysterious figure that scholars have dubbed the “Suffering Servant.”
The parallels between the Servant and Jesus are striking, and the New Testament authors see Jesus as fulfilling the role of the Suffering Servant—as have Christians ever since
The Suffering Servant passage is a case of genuine messianic prophecy. However, prophecy often works on more than one level
As we…

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