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It looks like organisational agility is the new black. But how do we get there? There is already a rich source of literature on agile practices that we should consider. However, our research has suggested that HR is less certain on how to adjust their processes to facilitate it. The good news is: we have identified 5 building blocks you should focus on to enable an agile organisation
Looking back to the 20th century industrial age, the success of manufacturing depended on repetitive,…

NAB Senior Director of Engineering & Tech Policy says cyber attacks are a very real threat for radio

In today’s authenticity-driven marketing landscape, small businesses have a leg-up on big businesses. Learn how your small business can compete against large companies.

Ninja Bistro is the brainchild of David Phongsa, a Pasco High School graduate who spent a decade in the fashion industry in Los Angeles before returning to the Tri-Cities to try his hand at street food.

Resting the arm is essential until your physical therapist says it’s time to begin therapy. He/she will develop a plan of specialized exercises that help you maintain flexibility, range of motion, and strengthen tendons and muscles. Splints and counterforce braces may be used for stabilization and to distribute pressure throughout the area instead of just on the tendons
During the healing process, your physical therapist may…

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
Our very own Amanda Trask, Director of Mentoring, is representing our YMCA at the 19th World Council of YMCAs in Chiang Mai, Thailand this week. Follow her adventure below, and learn about how she's making our Y - and Ys across the globe - better for everyone
Confederation of 119 National Councils of YMCAs
Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland
Fosters communication across the…

Knowing how to write a marketing plan can mean the difference between scattershot marketing well-thought-out marketing that helps grow your business.

Are users of cannabinoids slowly going blind and not knowing it? Cannabidiol has been shown to cause the transient glaucoma symptom of high eye pressure. Cannabidiol-CBD is the nonpsychoactive ingredient found in marijuana and hemp. There needs to be more research related to cannabinoids, including CBD. Not once, but twice, the media and the public have failed to notice research findings that CBD spikes the pressure of eyes in animals.

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Stress affects everyone. Whether it’s routine stress related to pressures at work, school or family, stress that occurs from a sudden negative change, such as job loss, divorce, illness or traumatic stress that occurs after a major accident, physical assault or natural disaster, our recovery depends on our coping skills. Recognizing the signs of stress, such as insomnia, increased alcohol consumption, anger, depression and low energy levels, is the first step in coping.

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Everything is going digital now which is why here’s why your organization should invest in a human resources information system (HRIS).

Internet users were sharing photos before Instagram, but nothing like they do through Instagram. With cool filters and video capability, it seems everyone has jumped onto the photo-sharing bandwagon. Are you leveraging Instagram to grow your company?

A federal judge rules that the Trump administration may not indefinitely detain asylum-seekers who have proven a credible fear of persecution in their homelands.

Categories: ASD and DD, Child-focused
What can I do to make taking a vacation with our child with special needs more enjoyable
By Erica Kearney, M.A, BCBA, LABA
Have you ever returned home from a vacation feeling more exhausted than when you left? It’s not uncommon for many families, including parents who have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or another developmental disability…

Separating children from their parents who accompanied them across the United States’ southwestern border is setting them up for potential lifelong

House foundation problems may mean expensive repairs. If this HouseLogic article provides the info you need, please click the +1 icon found above.

Summer is here;and as many of us start planning summer picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor parties, it’s important to brush up on our food safety tips to ensure that everyone stays healthy. Eatin…

Categories: ASD and DD, Adult-focused
By Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA
Going on vacation is always an exciting experience, but if you will be traveling with an individual with an Intellectual Disability (ID), it can also be an excellent opportunity to increase his independence and expand his sense of community. With good planning and support, vacationing with someone with ID can be a fun and rewarding experience…

This year marks the 24th annual go-round for the annual Father Bills and Mainspring Food Festival. In a rally to raise funds to end homelessness, food purvey...