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It is important to consider your options prior to filing an Answer if your trademark application is opposed. Trademark Opposition. A trademark

Beer and wine will freeze in the freezer within hours—so why doesn't vodka freeze, even after months?

Tired of living in financial chaos? This Atlanta woman in her early 30s paid off a huge amount of debt and got her life back on track. Here's what you can learn from her.

When disaster strands two American tourists in the jungle, unable to walk and unlikely to be found, they have one hope: a phone with a dying battery.

Ever wondered why there are so many peanuts in every Five Guys location—or why they serve each order 'to go'? Before digging into that burger, check out these bits of insider knowledge.

The first gene was identified in 1994, and doctors have found many more. Here's more about genetic testing for breast cancer.

Theme parks visits are big on fun and thrills, but between ticket prices, meals, and those sought-after souvenirs, they can also go heavy on the wallet. Still, there are freebies to be had at the parks, you just need to know where to look.

Last month, a driver said a brick-sized piece of concrete shattered his windshield when it fell inside the Yerba Buena tunnel on the Bay Bridge. 

The New Yorker’s legendary reviewer would have been 100 this year. Here, fans of her work assess her essential contribution to film journalism

Home health aides paid by the state of Illinois last week filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that they should receive back dues they were required to pay to a union they didn’t consent to join. That case, Riffey v. Pritzker, is one of several dozen pending lawsuits that seek to further refine […]