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This time of year, our AC is running at full speed and the last thing I want to do is heat up the house by turning on the stove or oven to cook dinner. While I could eat salads every night of the week, my family needs a little more variety at mealtime. No-cook meals are a real life-saver on hot days, and with a little meal planning, can go beyond just salads or sandwiches.

Easy to make and delicious, these pancakes are the perfect way to add fruit to breakfast and sneak in those nutrients to get the family going on a hectic day.

Could your garage use an update in 2017? Here are a few garage door trends to watch in the new year.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Check out our holiday calendar for a list of fun family-friendly activities this December.

Versatile and attractive, the Allura® shutter is perfect for security in high pedestrian traffic areas.

I have unfortunately witnessed more parents, sometime unwittingly and always with the best intentions, sabotage their child's athletic future. If they had just headed a few simple rules, or examined a few motives, not only would their child been a better athlete, they would have been a better competitor, happier, and healthier.

The paper-thin Datastickies were created by designer Aditi Singh and university professor Parag Anand, both from New Delhi, India.

I took the pledge to #changethecourse to help conserve & restore #water. Join me!

The most common damage from a plumbing or roof leak involves the mold and structural damage provoked by long-term water exposure. While these issues are

Damage to homes or property caused from sinkholes typically isn’t covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies.

Our lives are busy, but they do not have to be stressful. Here are a few tips that can help you manage a heavy workload.

If you accept credit cards at your self-storage facility, it's important to know what guidelines you should follow to avoid credit card disputes.

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With nuclear power down, California kept the lights on through the July heat wave with natural gas, renewable energy, and conservation. Can the formula work elsewhere?

top secret federal court order reveals that the FBI and the National Security Agency are collecting the cell phone data of millions of Americans.

Asurion is a leading provider of device insurance, warranty & support services for cell phones, consumer electronics & home appliances. Protect your device.

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Organizing whiz Peter Walsh helps a family clean out the ultimate junk drawer.

6 exterior makeovers with loads of inspiring (& money-saving!) ideas

Last Saturday, CenPho's That's a Wrap!, the lunch spot specializing in good-for-you wraps, salads, and rice bowls, announced it would be soft launching a new dinner menu sans the tortilla coverings. Aptly titled "Unwrapped," the new dinner menu starts after 5 p.m. and will focus on six healthy-themed plates between...