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By Thomas J Taylor, PhD, GAF. Understanding the differences between the two are critical to material and design choices. Most people in the built environment community are aware that using and specifying sustainable and resilient materials and designs is “the right thing to do.” There has been and continues to be industry discussions about the... Read More

Motivating others is easy to talk about and hard to do. I think anyone who’s been called upon to lead will attest to that.

Is standing up to work a passing fad? That’s what I thought when I first heard about employees raising their desks and getting rid of their office chairs. But prolonged sitting leads to poor circulation, according to Jessie Shafer of DeliciousLiving.

Do you find yourself endlessly driving from job site to job site; checking in on progress, delivering paperwork and gathering project details? Tired of sifti...

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Only a fool keeps walking barefoot down a path littered with broken glass. Years ago, a leader

By Soprema. Fourth Avenue Junior High School – Yuma, Arizona. Fourth Avenue Junior High School, located in Yuma, Arizona, can be recognized by their school colors of red, white and black. With nearly 450 students, the junior high houses grades 6 – 8. The building was built in 1920 and was named a National Historic... Read More

So often, when I’m asked for advice, it is really about how to win in life; how to settle discourse. One thing I’ve found is that most who are asking, are asking from a position of their rights or being right.