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AI and macine learning within the insurance industry has overhauled the claims management process by making it faster, and with fewer errors.

Each year during National Nurses Week, we pause to celebrate our annual Nursing Awards. Check out the 2019 winners!

Wynn Perlick, DPM recently fulfilled his lifelong professional goal of using his skills as a podiatrist to help those in need. Read more about his mission work in Guatemala.

Every day, more than nine people are killed and 1,000 injured in motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver. The highest proportion of

Emily McPhee, RD, LDN, discusses the diet choices you should make to keep your heart as healthy as possible.

The need for effective, research-based, and person-centered services for individuals with autism has never been greater. At May Institute, we strive for clin...

The Bureau of Sages, a group of frail, older adults, gives feedback to researchers about what matters to older adults.

By Jenna Garvey, M.Ed., BCBA, LABA
If you are the parent of a child who has been diagnosed with autism, there are many things to consider as you work to secure services for your son or daughter. In order to best navigate this process, consider obtaining some basic training in the area of applied behavior analysis, or ABA, which is the science of changing socially significant behavior
ABA can be used to teach important skills like communication or safety skills. It also helps…

Categories: ASD and DD, Adult-focused; ASD and DD, Child-focused
Over the past few years, numerous research studies and media reports have kept us well informed about the ever-increasing number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the many challenges they will have to deal with throughout their lives. But what about all the positive qualities and characteristics individuals with ASD exhibit on a daily…

Categories: ASD and DD, Child-focused
By Brittany Juban, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA
One of the most frightening experiences a parent can have is discovering that a child has suddenly gone missing. Elopement (wandering away or moving from a designated area without consent) is a common concern for all parents, but those who have children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more likely to have this experience…

Categories: ASD and DD, Adult-focused
By Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA
Graduation season is upon us, and young adults across the country are looking forward to this milestone. For individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs, their graduation from special education programs into adult services occurs when they reach the age of 22. It’s an exciting and challenging time for these young men and women…

The US chain offers a low-cost option, but it’s far from ideal for all patients.

Categories: ASD and DD, Adult-focused; ASD and DD, Child-focused
By Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA
Many people living with intellectual disabilities (ID) are sensitive to certain noises, lights, smells, and tactile sensations. The flashing lights and sirens of an emergency vehicle, the smell of a greasy burger, or the intense heat and light of the sun can make it difficult for someone with these sensitivities to enjoy…

For private, self-funded ERISA plans, the mere threat of a §502(a)(3)(B) action is usually sufficient to foster settlement discussion.

When South Shore Health Express nurse Maddie Gomes learned she could donate a kidney to one of the 100,000 people in the United States are awaiting a donor kidney, she jumped at the chance. Read her story and learn more about kidney donation.

​South Shore Health offers a free app—SSH Babies—that gives expectant parents convenient access to consistent information reviewed and approved by

Categories: ASD and DD, Child-focused
By Erica Kearney, M.A., BCBA, LABA
It’s no secret that autism rates have increased dramatically in recent years. In 2000, it was estimated that one in 150 children had an autism spectrum disorder (ASD); today that number is one in 68 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014)
As the number of children with autism has steadily increased, so has our awareness about the challenges parents of these children encounter on a daily basis. Most of us know…

There are many myths and misunderstandings about autism spectrum disorder, and people with ASD. These are sometimes fueled by inaccurate information on the Internet and images portrayed in the mass media
One thing we know for sure is that individuals on the autism spectrum face the same challenges, experiences, frustrations, and joys as everyone else does. Another irrefutable fact is that autism is a spectrum with…

Every day, more than 9 people are killed and 1,000 injured in motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver. The highest proportion of distraction-related fatal accidents involves teenage drivers
“Not only is distracted driving dangerous, it is illegal in many states, including Massachusetts, where people caught texting and driving pay a $100 fine for the first offense,” says Jennifer Derderian, M.S., M.Ed., LABA, BCBA, Clinical Director…

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Looking for a homemade, protein-rich breakfast dish? Try this Apple-Cinnamon Quinoa Bowl that combines the flavor of cinnamon spice with the natural sweetness of apples.

high levels of anxiety
re-experiencing of the traumatic event
Various forms of supportive, behavioral therapies are the treatments of choice for PTSD. Although generally associated with the trauma experienced by war veterans (the term originated in the 1970s to describe the symptoms of some Vietnam veterans), PTSD can accompany a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in some individuals
At the May Center School for Brain Injury and…

We provide custom fit orthotics & fabricated prosthetics to our biomedical & upper & lower amputee customers in Dedham, Newton, Hingham, Everett

If your child has experienced a concussion while playing a sport, you may wonder when it will be safe for him or her to return to playing that sport
“Parents are wise to be concerned about a child’s return to sports following a concussion,” says Jennifer Derderian, M.S., M.Ed., LABA, BCBA, Clinical Director of May Institute’s school for children and adolescents with brain injury and other neurobehavioral disorders. “An injury to the head or spine can change a young athlete’s life forever. A…

February 28, 2019
From left to right: Chris O'Connor, Senior Vice President of External Affairs & Chief Development Officer; Gene E. Green, MD, MBA, President & CEO; Eilene Davidson Grayken; John Grayken; Jason Tracy, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine
With profound gratitude, South Shore Health and South Shore Health Foundation leaders announced today they have received the largest private gift in the organization’s 97-year history. John…

Spring Training Has Begun
It's still winter outside here in the northeast, but spring training has started in warmer weather climates. It won't be long before our baseball and softball players are hitting the field. If you haven't been keeping yourself in shape for the season, it's not too late to start a few simple strength training exercises to get your throwing arm in shape for the season. Whether you are playing youth sports, varsity, park leagues, or beer league, taking some time…

South Shore Health nurse champions launched a substance use disorder educational program which includes a model centered around eliminating language and behaviors that stigmatize patients with the disorder.