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We know, we know: Fitness results take time. But that doesn’t mean you should let any bead of sweat go wasted in the gym. When it comes to burning fat and building muscle, some exercises are far more efficient (read: yield far faster results) than others. “The more muscles, and the greater total area ofContinue reading The 5 Workout Moves That Show The Fastest Results →

The C40 TR PC Gaming Controller and Playstation 4 Controller is a fully customizable, high-quality pro controller built for the serious gamer. Durable and serviceable, the ASTRO Gaming Controller features swappable, replaceable analog stick and D-Pad modules as well as remappable rear buttons, allowing for multiple configurations and increased speed and accuracy for any play style and any genre. Seamless performance in wired or wireless modes…

Thanksgiving is the peak day of the year for kitchen fires. Learn how to protect yourself, your guests, and your property during the bustling holiday season

Water is a life necessity, there’s no way around it. Up to 60 percent of our bodies are made of H20, after all. But let’s be real: Drinking plain water day after day can be downright boring. That could be part of the reason why up to 75 percent of the U.S. population is chronicallyContinue reading 8 Fun Ways To Drink More Water If You Hate Water →

BIN ENDS SIX-PACK FEATURE:$64.80 FOR 6/750 ml SAVE 40% COMPARE @ $108.ORDER 6 BOTTLES; DISCOUNT TABULATES AUTOMATICALLY TO $64.80. PRODUCT OVERVIEW:De Bortoli Wines is a third generation family wine company established by Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli in 1928. The couple emigrated to Australia from Northern Italy,

One of the Board’s important duties is the enactment and enforcement of Rules and Regulations for the benefit of the community. Almost all condominium association’s governing documents, the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust and/or By-Laws give the Board the power to enact Rules and Regulations primarily to govern what may or may not happen in the common areas, without the need for Unit Owner consent/vote. With such a broad power some members of the Board » Continue Reading.

Progressive states like Washington are blocking Trump policies they fear will weaken the insurance markets.

Discover the impact that quality web design can make on your business. The importance of web design cannot be overstated. It is the crucial bit of branding that is a starting point for anyone interested in doing business with your brand via the internet. Many businesses are only now beginning to...

The Fluid Power Action Challenge has impacted over 8,500 students to date. Learn more about how the program impacts youth and how you and your company can help bring it to the next level.

In addition to making decisions about the direction of the association, the NFPA Board of Directors took part in a culture workshop at the last board meeting to help preserve board culture.

Proof that keeping it simple can be glam -- whether you're designing for a historic English residence or a posh Los Angeles dwelling.

Nothing ruins a road trip or night on the town quite like stomach troubles. But good gut health isn’t essential just because gas and diarrhea are inconvenient: Research has identified ties between our GI health and both our immune and metabolic functions. They don’t call the stomach the “second brain” for nothing! At the coreContinue reading 5 Foods That Are Packed With Probiotics →

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Do you enjoy engaging in conversation and building relationships
Are you an energetic professional looking for better hours to improve work/life balance
Looking for a new career path with a company that provides paid training?
Rockland Trust is currently seeking Tellers for a variety of our locations!
As a Teller you will assist the Bank in meeting its goals of sales and service by providing the…

Job Description
Rockland Trust is currently seeking a Representative in our Customer Information Center. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday and every other Saturday. Sunday hours are also available on a voluntary basis
This position is responsible for exceeding customers’ service and sales expectations in an inbound call center environment. Activities include efficiently managing customer needs and issues assessment, problem resolution, account maintenance, and identification…

I just uploaded a really great interview with Craig who works in the digital department. He had some awesome tips to share about spot colors and he tells all...

Increase Efficiency And Security By Harnessing The Power Of Konica Minolta’s Document Management Workflow Solutions & Services

“These machines wrap trees for transportation. 🌲 t.co/5ZRjVKOEeN”

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. The leaves change color, and the crisp air makes it perfect for apple picking or enjoying your favorite pumpkin spice concoction. But fall is also a season that requires you to be a bit more vigilant when it comes to safeguarding your children. As they head back to school and away from the watchful care you’ve provided all summer, they’ll be open to becoming one of the roughly 115 kids accosted by a…

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Manage your weight – Being overweight greatly increase your risk of developing diabetes. This does not mean you need to be at an ideal weight overnight – even modest weight loss of 5-7% can help reduce your risk. To put this into perspective, a person who weighs 200 pounds and loses 5% of their body weight will have lost 10 pounds
Simplify your diet – There is no special “diabetes diet.” Follow a balanced diet of whole, nutrient-dense foods – vegetables, whole grains,…

Interview with Kaylin Brown the Poet of “The Beach” Printed by www.braintreeprinting.com on a bookmark (the special shine to the front is called UV Coating (just so you know ;) )), dist…

At Braintree Printing books, manuals and business reports are a snap. With our in-house bindery, outsourcing delays are eliminated providing fast turnaround ...

We' re here ! Can you believe it's already November ? All hands on deck are needed for our 24th annual Dickens Festival which will be happening on Saturday the 17th from 10 to 3. Please find below the weekly schedule of events taking place during the week of the festival and craft fair. We are in need of a parking lot monitor for a few hours on the day of the festival and someone to check in our artisans on both Friday…

If you’ve hopped on any cardio machine ever, you’ve probably seen the graph or different colored hearts (or whatever) identifying the different exercise ‘zones’ that use your heart rate to categorize the intensity of your workout. Which zone we should be cardio-ing away in, though, isn’t so clear—and the enticing ‘fat-burning’ zone, in particular, isContinue reading Is The ‘Fat-Burning Zone’ A Sham? →

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

A protein-packed breakfast can help power your day (and your health). Check out these nutritionist-approved morning meals that contain 20 grams of protein.Continue reading 8 Breakfasts That Pack Between 20 And 30 Grams Of Protein →

Learn about 403b and 401k plan audit requirements and expanded Form 5500 reporting - BlumShapiro - Boston Hartford Providence.