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The NMC Horizon project, which identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in

With move-in beginning Aug. 18 and Fall Welcome events through Aug. 31, it's a good time to review details and prepare for parking impacts. There's still time to sign up to volunteer, as well.

From hotels built out of ice to overwater tipis to underwater suites, these 9 astonishing places guarantee a night to remember.

The Catholic Church has no one to blame but itself for the loss of trust the Pennsylvania report will provoke, says Helen Alvaré. But in a world of expert, lay-Catholic initiatives framing and teaching the beauty of Catholic sexual morality, some Catholics will continue to hold themselves to these standards, and to pass them on to their children -- even if they no longer trust the church to provide them with guidance.

Accent reduction: Grab the Power of Vowels
There’s incredible power in vowels.
Have you noticed that it is the multiple syllable words that people are most (...)

The oil industry is shelling out billions of dollars in a series of acquisitions in the Permian Basin, the hottest oilfield in the world.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined on Wednesday to say how many African-Americans work at the White House, but said the White House is "going to continue to try to diversify this staff."

Healthy Post Workout Snacks -- this article provides great options for refueling your muscles after a workout. Lots of delicious clean eating snacks to try!

Check out the top 10 states that CU students come from (besides Colorado).

Antony Ortiz walked into the courtroom in Houston wearing a light gray hoodie, khakis and black tennis shoes with red laces. He looked his age, but he didn't act it. He didn't smile or fidget. He sat up straight and waited patiently.

If you want a healthy gut, crickets might just be the best thing for your menu. A new randomised, double-blind clinical crossover trial has found that munching on the protein-rich insects increases healthy gut bacteria - and may reduce inflammation i

Enjoy the benefits of our awesome Peptide-Collagen Treatment ($35) on the house, with purchase of a Microdermabrasion between 8/11/18 - 8/25/18.
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Author of "New American Diet" Discusses How You Can Change Yours to Eliminate Toxins

State election officials are grappling with how to counter online disinformation about how to cast a vote.

A jury has ordered Monsanto to pay $289.2 million in a landmark lawsuit over whether exposure to two of its powerful weed killers caused cancer.

The more baby talk words that infants are exposed to the quicker they grasp language, a study suggests. Assessments of nine-month-old children suggest that those who hear words such as bunny or choo-choo more frequently are faster at picking up new words between nine and 21 months.