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5G promises to make factories a lot smarter. And that means they’ll be a lot more vulnerable.

Mike Pence is the latest conservative to invoke Dr. King for his own agenda, quoting him to defend President Trump's wall proposal. Yet building a wall and demonizing illegal immigrants is a long, long way from "I Have a Dream," writes John Avlon

The Facebook-owned messaging platform is imposing a stricter global limit on forwarding messages after a six-month experiment in India.

An Alabama police officer has died after being shot Sunday, according to the Mobile Police Department.

Tempted by the deal offering homes for just over $1 in the town of Sambuca on Italy's island of Sicily? So's everyone else, deluging its deputy mayor with tens of thousands of inquiries.

From blue jeans to baseball caps, get the origin stories behind seven items that have helped shape American style.

Top Transportation Security Administration management has instructed key agency officials at airports around the country to not make details public about how many officers are missing work due to the partial government shutdown, according to an internal email obtained exclusively by CNN.

The growing use of voice search and virtual digital assistants will have an increasing impact on how we deliver, search for and market higher education.

Today we’re excited to welcome Mary Ellen Dello Stritto and Kathryn Linder from the Oregon State University Ecampus Research Unit to introduce an excellent new resource: the Report Reader Che…

When you allow an app to identify your current location through your mobile device, is the result being used to optimize your experience or putting your private data at risk? That's the question behind a study undertaken by researchers at MIT and Imperial College London, who recently published their findings in IEEE's Transactions on Big Data. According to the study, the compilation of massive, anonymized datasets…

Fresh sardines are so quick and simple to roast whole. This appealing recipe from the chefs at Nonesuch in Oklahoma City serves them atop warm flatbread with yogurt, herbs and crunchy radishes.

Communication skills are critical for all. What is crucial for a new hire is super important no matter how long you have worked at an organization.
Communication is critical for clear understanding of your responsibilities. Ask these questions as a new hire and as your tasks and responsibilities change:
What are your responsibilities and how is success measured?
What are priorities?
How is performance measured?

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Advice for travelers wondering how to navigate TSA checkpoints staffed by federal employees.

The English language is, indeed, a quirky one: it’s notoriously difficult to learn, and often words have more than one meaning.

Following the massive #MeToo movement, around 50 million Google searches on sexual harrasment, reporting and prevention of such behaviour were recorded in the US during October 2017 to June 2018, a US study suggests. The study found that sexual harassment and assault searches were 86 per cent higher than expected from October 15 in 2017 to June 15 in 2018, reaching a record high.

Amputee Coalition’s Limb Loss Education Days (LLEDs) are your chance to connect with knowledgeable experts, recreation leaders, exhibitors and the limb loss community near you!