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Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff always checks the washer and dryer to make sure none of her three cats have climbed inside. Well, almost always.

Increasingly people are expressing the desire to do business with those who have stories that speak to them. When you include quality narratives and content to your communication efforts, you not o…

RCA's canine mascot, Nipper, was able to recognize his Master's Voice through a crude phonograph. (The original painting by Francis Barraud was of Nipper sitting atop his master's casket, the master's voice back from the dead)
We all know the sound of the human voice, yet its exacting reproduction is often a challenge—which is why vocals are my favorite evaluation recordings.
If you take a look at my playlist on Tidal, or my published list of favorites here, it's worth noting the vast…

Your people want your support and encouragement. Make sure you give it to them.

The Visibility March was one of many events that was part of Longmont Pride Week, which wrapped up Saturday. The festivities drew thousands of people to celebrate and show their support of the lesb…

Thank you, baseball! Thank you for serving up the wackiest idea in sports: an underappreciated Florida franchise sharing its team with a Canadian city that lost its own baseball club, the Expos, a generation ago.

Human beings—and human societies—cannot change or grow without learning to let go.

To win re-election, Trump needs a bold second-term agenda. Here are some ideas.

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Leave the freeze-dried meals at home and treat yourself to a gourmet trail meal with our most popular recipes.

The drug, bremelanotide, sold under the brand name Vyleesi by AMAG Pharmaceuticals, is an injection to be taken before sex. It's intended to treat women who are premenopausal and have low sexual desire disorder.

Today, younger married couples are less likely to split up than they once were, but, at the same time, the rate of divorce for older generations has increased in a phenomenon known as “gray” divorce.

The freezer and soft-serve machine is powered by recycled batteries and solar panels.

Each summer, thousands of visitors experience the majesty of Glacier National Park from atop the emerald-hued surface of Lake McDonald — just as the park’s earliest tourists did — by... more