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The menswear designer found escape in music magazines before working for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, and creating his rock-inspired fashion label

Tackling a tricky crossword or a challenging Sudoku puzzle will not fend off age-related mental decline, new research has shown.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “Elseworlds, Part 2,” the final part of the 2018 “Arrowverse” crossover, which aired Dec. 11. After John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) got another go…

At least one of the buildings on Facebook's main campus in California was evacuated on Tuesday because of a bomb threat, police said.

On Wednesday at the White House, Donald Trump returned to his reality TV roots: Hosting -- and participating in -- a bare-knuckled brawl with the two top Democratic leaders in Congress.

The US conducted a successful missile defense test on Tuesday in the latest advancement in US capabilities to defend against ballistic missiles.

The detention of a top Huawei executive is prompting some Chinese companies and business groups to call for workers to boycott products from US companies like Apple, prompting fears of a wider backlash.

A sexually confused New Yorker from a conservative Muslim family lives a double life in this autobiographical debut from Sam Abbas.

Hope you like the 69-year-old version of Bruce Springsteen’s face, because it’s virtually all you’re going to see for the two hours and 40 minutes of the filmed “Springsteen on Broadway” — other th…

The curtain has fallen for Squared Pizza and Beer at 1123 Walnut St. barely months after it opened.
The Detroit-style pizza restaurant failed to garner enough attention from customers to remain viable financially, said Sean Huggard, director of operations, Concept Restaurants, which owned the restaurant.

The scientific community is at a loss over how, and whether, to publish the controversial gene-editing work of He Jiankui.

Like an alpine skier slaloming down challenging terrain, the Eldora ski resort on Tuesday answered pushback from its customers by re-examining a new limited pay-to-park policy set to take effect this weekend.

From Paris to Palo Alto, ‘clean and green’ policies punish the poor.

Content is king, and if your gift giving list this season includes people who are producing new content or need to constantly stay in the loop with news and entertainment, we’ve rounded up 9 …

The University of Colorado student who last week crashed into a tree while skiing at Eldora has died.

Tension between parents and high school seniors can run high this time of year. Here’s how to keep everyone calm as deadlines and decisions loom.

Since landing on Mars on November 26, NASA's InSight lander has been settling in and taking photos. Now the lander has used its robotic arm to take a selfie.

China’s government quietly ordered top Chinese talent back to the mainland from abroad this past weekend to attend a Beijing ceremony for its highest film industry honors, the loosely bi-annual Hua…

“Roma,” Alfonso Cuaron’s deeply personal coming-of-age drama, is also a love letter to Mexico City. The sprawling metropolis — its cobblestoned streets, fading movie palaces…

Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth
Smartphone Integration
Android Music Playback (AOA 2.0)Music playback via USB is possible with Android phones or tablets (version 4.1 or later). Not only does it let you play back audio files stored on an Android device*, it also supports music streaming. Use the receiver’s keys to control operations such as Play, Stop, Pause, and Skip all while keeping the…

Verizon just admitted that the brand value of its media company, Oath, is almost nothing.

All the times white people rioted for reasons other than legitimate grievances with our legal system.

A 72-year-old inmate at the Boulder County Jail has been hospitalized after choking on his food and losing consciousness.