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NANTUCKET, Mass. — The #MeToo moment and the push for gender parity in Hollywood has opened doors for women artists in the film and TV business in the past year, but there are concerns that t…

Tom Peters leaned against racks of records inside the beat book shop in downtown Boulder on a Saturday night and in between customers let his thoughts flow freely.

You may see them downtown, prowling the back alleys. They have also been spotted on the Hill, brazenly crawling down the streets in full daylight. Some even take to the sidewalks, slipping in and out of the shadows to avoid the sharp gaze of local authorities.

After treating pain as "the fifth vital sign" for years, physicians are now dismantling the idea and reducing their use and prescription of opioids as the state and nation continue to struggle with the drug-induced crisis.

Tommy John III knows that Tommy John surgery saved his father’s career and revolutionized baseball. But now he's worried that the procedure is being overprescribed.

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If designers could build everything from scratch including the speakers, amplifier, DAC, cables, and preamplification into one box wouldn't that be the best ...

Alex Vardakostas has been on a decade-long quest to build a robot that can prepare the perfect cheeseburger. It could also put his family out of work.

The Philippines is preparing to extend President Rodrigo Duterte’s antinarcotics crackdown into schools by imposing mandatory drugs tests of children as young as 10, a new front in a campaign plagued by allegations of extrajudicial killings and human-rights abuses.

I think about farming right about this time of the year. My vegetable garden is pushing its way towards the sun and the plants are large enough I can envision the possibility of fresh tomatoes, hope for the melons to grow, cross my fingers herbs will flourish. Nothing in my garden is assured other than uncertainty. I cannot control the weather or the bugs, so farming's a real crapshoot. The best I can do is provide a nurturing environment and deal with what…

As part of our Blended Family Friday series, each week we spotlight a different stepfamily to learn how they successfully blended th...

A proposal to build a new 64-lot, single-family housing development on a 40-acre lot off Plateau Road in southwest Longmont is moving forward.

William Chinnock, a Boulder resident and retired judge, has filed an amended brief appealing a Boulder County District Court judge's decision earlier this year to dismissing a suit that argued the county's property tax assessment system is flawed.

Former Chief Executive Brian Krzanich’s affair with an Intel employee, which cost him his job this week, started before he was CEO and ended several years ago, according to people familiar with the matter.

En route to the ER, I rang his office. Before I arrived, he had called the hospital to make sure it was ready.

The Trump administration has been closing Title IX gender-discrimination complaints against universities and colleges at a significantly faster clip than Obama officials, Education Department data show.

Apple sought to head off customer complaints about defective keyboards on its latest MacBook models, saying it will offer free repairs for qualifying devices in the latest overture to users concerned about the performance of one of the company’s signature products.

The Supreme Court strikes a blow for political accountability.

A week-long celebration of Latino culture and community will be capped off Sunday by the third annual Colorado Latino Festival at Boulder's Central Park.

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Adel Mahmoud was lecturing his class at Princeton when he broke down in tears. The Ebola outbreak was ravaging West Africa, and Dr. Mahmoud said he was going to do something.

The internet is in a panic over a huge invasive plant that can cause severe burns and temporary blindness. Here's what hikers should keep in mind.

Former Vatican diplomat Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella admitted to downloading and sharing child pornography images on Tumblr while on assignment in U.S.

There’s one more weekend of Emmy voting before this year’s nominations are finally set in stone, to be revealed on July 12. Last year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globe…

WASHINGTON — MPAA chairman Charles Rivkin defended the way that the voluntary movie ratings system informs parents about smoking in movies, as a group of senators called for the industry to t…

Greater transparency and increased scrutiny have translated into higher turnover in the executive suite.

Boulder-based interactive toy and robot maker Sphero today announced the acquisition of CU Boulder’s 2018 New Venture Challenge champion Specdrums.