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Twenty people were killed when torrential rains and flooding triggered mudslides that wiped out part of an elementary school in Indonesia's North Sumatra, officials said.

As residents pick up the pieces after Hurricane Michael, and teams comb through rubble in search of survivors, authorities say it could be weeks or months before a sense of normalcy returns to storm-ravaged Florida.

Your helicopter ride over Mexico Beach gave CNN viewers a first look at aerial footage of the wreckage of the area. What inspired you to pursue going up in a chopper
The second my show ended Wednesday, I saw video on Instagram from 12-year-old Tessa Talarico of Mexico Beach. I was gutted by the devastation and knew I had to get there. But how? It was so early, so no one had any idea [of] the status of the roads. But I just…

Partial results from Bavaria's state election Sunday show the ruling Christian Social Union is losing its majority, in a humiliating performance that is likely to rattle German Chancellor Angela Merkel's fragile "grand coalition" government.

The president warns adults are using children to cross into the U.S. from Mexico.

Even with the midterm elections looming, Republican leaders in Congress made clear this week they're paying close attention to a looming battle over President Donald Trump's promised border wall.

A bomb Saturday that targeted a parliamentary election rally for a woman running for office in northeastern Afghanistan killed at least 14 people, according to a local official.

The author of the coming novel, ‘Unsheltered,’ talks about writing fiction in the age of Trump.

Work at staying healthy, and your body will thank you. Read on for 9 tips on how to stay healthy while under those fluorescent lights.

Our tribalism has a deeper source in the disintegration of communities and an epidemic of loneliness. The only real answers start at home.

Online shopping is increasingly the norm for people buying books, groceries, clothing and everything in between. According to Lisa Slavin, the familiarity that individuals have with online platforms like Amazon and Google are shaping their expectations of the online experience they hope to find from a college or university. In this interview, Slavin discusses how […]

Gather student data, make predictions about their learning—and perhaps their future. For years education companies have tried to apply technologies to ...

We love insights and stories about improving academic integrity in all settings and we welcome today’s guest post. Beth Rubin, Ph.D., has been practicing and leading online education at for-profit …

English Speech Communication- Tips for Introductions
Social gatherings feel the best when you are confident that you can handle lots of situations.
Here are(...)