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Los Angeles went more than two decades without an NFL team. Now, it has one playing for a championship.

President Donald Trump has tweeted twice about the possibility of establishing a "20 mile safe zone" in Syria, something he has said is part of his decision to pursue a total withdrawal of US troops from Syria, a decision that sparked several high profile resignations from his administration.

Facebook will partner with German officials ahead of the European Union elections in May to crack down on fake accounts and misinformation.

President Donald Trump's third year in office begins with the federal government shut down, global growth slowing, and a stock market in turmoil. The economic policy decisions of the first half of his term accelerated growth in 2018, but most forecasts show that momentum evaporating going forward.

Are you hungry for intimate details about the food you consume? Thanks to advances in blockchain technology, soon you may feel closer to the plate of chicken in front of you than ever before.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi canceled a planned trip to visit troops in Afghanistan Friday, after -- her office alleged in a statement -- the White House leaked the details of the congressional delegation's commercial plane travel.

Hurricane Florence ravaged Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in September, leaving behind an estimated $3.6 billion worth of wreckage. But there's no mention of that in a new Pentagon report detailing the impact of climate change on the defense department.

Aijaz Khan’s third feature portrays the ongoing ethnic conflict in northern India with sensitivity and quiet humor.

Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins star in the film, based on the life of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 6:30 p.m., Canyon Gallery Beloved author Pam Houston discusses and signs her new book Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country. $10 tickets available through the Boulder B…