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The premier conference for IT audit, security and governance, North America CACS 2018 features industry-leading keynote speakers! View tracks and more.

It’s that time of year again, Computer Science Education Week is finally upon us! From Saturday, December 2nd to Saturday December 9th, we’ve planned a full week of coding, robotics and tinkering workshops. Check out the schedule and rsvp to attend as […]

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising people to temporarily disable the Java software on their computers to avoid potential hacking attacks.The recommendation came in an advisory issued ...

Popcorn Time malware offers users free removal if they get two other people to install link and pay

When a legendary mathematician found a mistake in his own work, he embarked on a computer-aided quest to eliminate human error. To succeed, he has to rewrite the century-old rules underlying all of mathematics.

The personal computer revolutionized the American home in the 1980s and 90s. And by the mid-90s mainstream America was getting online. But with Donald Trump now the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, there’s an interesting question that must be asked: Has Trump ever used a computer?

Meet 25 leading professors of computer science, and learn more about what makes them standout educators and innovators.

Get the hottest Promotional Tech Items here! Custom printed pop sockets, flash drives, power banks, webcam covers. Low prices. Ships quick. Easy to order.

With today's dependence on electronics for work, play and just about anything to do with productivity, you may often find yourself staring at screens for more than 10 hours a da...

Here's an absolutely inspiring TED Talk showing how "self-organized computer science courses" designed around students building their own PCs from scratch engaged students and taught them how computers work at a fundamental level.

A large photograph of the original log recording the first computer bug and also of the bug itself.

Researchers at Brown University have succeeded in creating the first wireless, implantable, rechargeable, long-term brain-computer interface. The wireless BCIs have been implanted in pigs and monkeys for over 13 months without issue, and human subjects are next.

While we can all admit that technology has greatly enhanced how we work, relationships are at the core of recruiting. And there’s one relationship that many recruiters are neglecting -- the hiring manager relationship. Hiring managers can be a tremendous

Google has designed its own computer chip for driving deep neutral networks, an AI technology that is rapidly reinventing the way Internet services operate.

Chicago Public Schools officials said they are ready to move ahead with an initiative long-touted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make computer science a requirement for high school graduation.

E4 Computer Engineering has once again combined professionalism and know-how to build an important "no-more-queue" solution to take care of the bookings of R...

Netherlands-based startup Nerdalize wants to put some of those computing systems in homes, and use the excess heat to provide warmth to the occupants.