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The engineers at Naim Audio want to make sure your speaker cables are not too short. They claim that bad sound will happen if they are less than a certain length. Paul scratches his head on this one.

One of the hallmarks of a good technician is an ability to troubleshoot problems. It's an art, actually, but one that fortunately can be taught
When we are faced with problems we can't fix with our tried and true methods our first reaction is often one of panic: nothing seems to work in the system even though all the equipment is powered up. It might just be you're on the wrong input or the speaker cables are disconnected, but at the moment, you're…

The former president of USA Gymnastics was arrested on evidence-tampering charges stemming from a Texas investigation into sexual-abuse allegations and other misconduct at the women’s gymnastics team’s training camp.

Proving herself once again a master of atmosphere, Sarah Perry wastes no time in delivering on the promises of the Gothic genre in her latest book, “Melmoth.”

The Trump administration opened a new front in Washington’s economic conflict with China, starting a process to withdraw from a 144-year-old international postal body whose discounts allow Chinese merchants to ship small packages to U.S. customers at steeply discounted rates.

Pet owners howled when this year’s Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in Manhattan was canceled due to insurance issues. But there is no need to boo anymore after community leaders and a television network said they have stepped in to host the event.

The notion of David Arquette starring in a horror movie about a “possessed” rock band promises so much trashy fun, a certain amount of disappointment seems almost inevitable. Yet “High Voltage” con…

Lafayette City Council on Tuesday approved a city-wide emergency moratorium on all prairie dog removal efforts, preempting any last-minute eradications ahead of plans to revamp the city's permitting process.

A market study examining options ahead of a potential retail crisis along Louisville's McCaslin Corridor has drawn some familiar conclusions: redevelopment and alternative design may be necessary in the post-big box store era.

Designed by Bill Bensley, Rosewood Luang Prabang ups the luxury stakes in one of Laos' most magical destinations. Find out why this Southeast Asian resort is so special.

Projected rental rates were made publicly known Wednesday for the $17 million Fall River Apartments senior affordable housing project now under construction in northeast Longmont.

Aaron Wolf grew up attending Los Angeles’ historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple, which was founded during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and has served as a vital place of worship and cultural center fo…

Paul Manafort and his lawyers have visited Mueller's office at least nine times in the last four weeks, a strong indication that the special counsel is moving at a steady clip

Each year Variety’s New Leaders feature profiles the most prominent up-and-comers in the entertainment business. To determine this year’s worthies, Variety looked across disciplines, from televisio…

Strong demand for premium travel is helping U.S. carriers like United and Delta offset higher fuel costs.

Rob Sands, the CEO of Corona maker Constellation Brands, is stepping down. He will hand over the reins to the company's president and chief operating officer, Bill Newlands, in March, the company said Wednesday.

Each year Variety’s New Leaders feature profiles the most prominent up-and-comers in the entertainment business. To determine this year’s worthies, Variety looked across disciplines, from televisio…

White House counsel Don McGahn's final day at the White House was Wednesday, sources say.

Fox is developing a single-camera comedy that hails from Riki Lindhome and Monica Padrick. “Tails” will follow Erika (Lindhome), a woman in her late 30s, who despite the pressure she fe…

Sarah Chalke is reuniting with “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence for a drama series currently in development at ABC, Variety has learned. The untitled one-hour series is inspired by Chalke…

Lauren Bohn writes that Afghanistan's parliamentary elections this month will be a referendum on the state of women in the country, and one young woman, Shahba Shahrukhi, is leading the political charge.

A Boulder County District Judge may sanction the Boulder County District Attorney for handing the defense in a sexual assault case a large piece of evidence more than six months after the initial arrest.

While a hunger for the truth has rarely been more acute, the three parties most involved appear substantially disinterested in providing it, writes CNN's Nick Paton Walsh

Boulder County Public Health officials have notified the public of a rabid bat found in south Boulder last week, in part, because of its proximity to an elementary school.

Mountain Journal collaborates with students from Whitman College's "Semester in the West who share their thoughts about issues shaping an iconic region

The mass merchant's latest accelerator program aims to foster progressively-minded business concepts from members of the young demographic.

President Donald Trump's pick to fill the job of White House counsel is an indication the White House is preparing for possible post-election legal brawls with Democrats over everything from the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to possible impeachment if Democrats take over the House of Representatives.