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The Philippines is preparing to extend President Rodrigo Duterte’s antinarcotics crackdown into schools by imposing mandatory drugs tests of children as young as 10, a new front in a campaign plagued by allegations of extrajudicial killings and human-rights abuses.

Former Chief Executive Brian Krzanich’s affair with an Intel employee, which cost him his job this week, started before he was CEO and ended several years ago, according to people familiar with the matter.

En route to the ER, I rang his office. Before I arrived, he had called the hospital to make sure it was ready.

The Trump administration has been closing Title IX gender-discrimination complaints against universities and colleges at a significantly faster clip than Obama officials, Education Department data show.

Apple sought to head off customer complaints about defective keyboards on its latest MacBook models, saying it will offer free repairs for qualifying devices in the latest overture to users concerned about the performance of one of the company’s signature products.

The Supreme Court strikes a blow for political accountability.

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Adel Mahmoud was lecturing his class at Princeton when he broke down in tears. The Ebola outbreak was ravaging West Africa, and Dr. Mahmoud said he was going to do something.

The internet is in a panic over a huge invasive plant that can cause severe burns and temporary blindness. Here's what hikers should keep in mind.

Former Vatican diplomat Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella admitted to downloading and sharing child pornography images on Tumblr while on assignment in U.S.

There’s one more weekend of Emmy voting before this year’s nominations are finally set in stone, to be revealed on July 12. Last year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globe…

WASHINGTON — MPAA chairman Charles Rivkin defended the way that the voluntary movie ratings system informs parents about smoking in movies, as a group of senators called for the industry to t…

Greater transparency and increased scrutiny have translated into higher turnover in the executive suite.

Netflix chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland is leaving the company following a controversy over insensitive remarks. Friedland announced the departure on Twitter Friday, saying that he …

BOULDER – The University of Colorado women's basketball team was standing in a circle at half-court on Feb. 5, 2017, wrapping up its normal shootaround practice in the morning before a game vs. Washington later that day in the CU Events Center. But this huddle would not be a normal one and would turn out to be a memorable one. Cameron Swartz, then a junior at Fellowship Christian High School in Georgia and on a recruiting visit, asked to say a word to…

News of AT&T’s talks to acquire advertising tech firm AppNexus was welcomed by marketers, who are eager to have more options in the online ad sector beyond the dominant players Google and Facebook.

It’s official: ABC has decided to continue telling the story of the Conner family, even though the network is trying desperately to wash its hands of Roseanne Barr. The move saves hundreds of…

Did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? Meet band member Carrie Borzillo, one of Gorilla Logic's talented Lead Live Ops Producers.

Prosecutors have decided to charge Scott Jones with first-degree murder after investigators say they uncovered audio evidence that he strangled his wife, Deborah De Pinto, in north Boulder earlier this week.

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