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A Washington, D.C., federal judge vacated a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services policy delaying citizenship applications for foreign military recruits until it receives a "suitability determination" from the U.S. Army, saying USCIS has wrongly used those determinations in place of its own judgment.

If Trump does not relent, and if other chipmakers agree with Washington's take on Huawei, then Huawei is stuck in purgatory.

The current global shortage of helium is not just a ballooning problem. There are major medical implications as well.

The American Automobile Association expects 43 million Americans to take to the highways, air and rail over the weekend, the second-highest total since it began tracking those numbers in 2000.

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Falling life expectancy and rising inequality are twin indicators of a society in trouble
Something is going badly wrong with society in the UK and the US. Is it linked to Brexit and Trump? Of course, but they are the consequence not the cause of problem—although they are wreaking their own havoc. A simple summary measure of the success of a society is its health: life expectancy has fallen in the US for three years in a row,1 and in the UK it…

If the Trump administration would be successful at getting rid of California's waiver to set its own vehicle emission standards, then the state says it would have to take even more drastic action -- perhaps cutting off sales to gasoline-powered cars. But California still has the upper hand.

Massachusetts has failed to sign a bill banning flame retardants into law despite endorsement of lawmakers and pediatricians and concerns over safety

The deal, the first of its kind between a sports gaming company and a third-party OTT service, also includes a media buy that will make FanDuel the exclusive advertiser on FuboTV in those categories.

There’s help for part-timers, new parents, older workers and a crackdown on a favorite wealth transfer strategy: the stretch IRA.

The Trump administration will soon rewrite the factors it uses to determine the health risks of air pollution, a move critics warn will make it harder to place limits on emissions.

Labor-saving technology, while beneficial to everyone over time, has a different short-term effect. It enables higher productivity in a smaller number of people.
And that is a problem.

A Connecticut Mirror investigation has been awarded the prestigious Theodore A. Driscoll Investigative Award by the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists.

The provision drew such vehement opposition from Republicans its proponents pulled it from the bill, but they hope to bring it back next week.

Portāls "Delfi" piedāvā sekot līdzi Latvijas Ārpolitikas institūta (LIIA) piektdien no pulksten 17:00 līdz 18:30 viesnīcā "Bergs" rīkotajai diskusijai "Krievija un Rietumi: Jau aiz krīzes pārvaldības?".

The Trump administration announced a new proposed regulation today, gutting antidiscrimination protections.

The SEC says it will vote on Regulation Best Interest, its proposed overhaul of investment advisor and broker conduct, in less than two weeks
On June 5, the SEC’s Division of Investment Management and Division of Trading and Markets will consider several aspects of the proposed regulation, the regulator says in open meeting agenda notice posted on its website yesterday
For starters, the SEC will consider…

State reforms were propelled in Colorado by advocates who accuse the federal government of “erasing” trans people

A growing number of states have been passing highly restrictive abortion legislation aimed at overturning Roe V. Wade.

Nearly 300 scientists from across the country and abroad believe actions taken by the U.S. Forest Service are contributing to faster, more devastating wildfires throughout California.

Agricultural plastics provide a lot of benefits to farmers trying to produce more and more food in a warming climate, but plastic waste is a huge issue. We think we have found a company that may solve the problem.

With new races, a new title sponsor and a new TV deal, the aptly named Mark Miles has rescued IndyCar from what appeared to be an irreversible spinout.

Garmin makes products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. Make the most of the time you spend pursuing your passion!

Like the internet without firewalls or email without spam filters, drone operations cannot reach their full potential without protections that deter malicious operators. There are counter drone solutions within reach but the legal framework for using them is muddy.

Hundreds of thousands of school students worldwide walk out in Global Climate Strike to urge governments to take greater action in slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

A Massachusetts health club rebuilds two years after a destructive fire, smartphone use in gyms becomes a contentious issue, and more fitness industry news.

Dr. Deidre Gifford, a physician and top federal Medicaid official, is the governor's choice to oversee social services in Connecticut.

Mornings can be challenging! There are loud alarms, buzzers and ring tones that can be hazardous to your sanity. They are however, a necessary means to rise and shine on time
There is the dressing and pressing your way through a morning matrix that includes but is not limited to becoming conscious, coherent and centered before facing rush hour, co-workers, neighbors, public transportation, meetings, reports, housework…

The plastic clip on the nylon web band that is attached to the resistance band with a carabiner can break, posing a laceration hazard. Related Full Recall Information -- www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2019/dicks-sporting-goods-recalls-ethos-pull-up-assist-due-to-laceration-hazard The recall news you selected is from a destination outside of the Federal Government. CPSC does not control this external site or its privacy policy and cannot attest …