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In the HBO film, the actor brings layers of conflict, arrogance, insecurity, and sorrow to a man who, before he killed himself, was viewed as a pop culture oddity.

Fox has greenlighted a pilot to be co-written and co-produced by Oscar winner Diablo Cody.

YouTube will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of your TrueView ad.

The Trump administration’s eagerness to whitewash an ally’s apparent extrajudicial killing of a critic is appalling but not surprising.

Rolling back the 2017 tax cuts and deregulations would threaten to return the nation — and the state — to the economic doldrums.

The Baker-Polito Administration teamed up with the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation to award $2 million in small business grants to organizations across the state.

When you introduce your children to museums, dance and theater, you’re exposing them to more than just a fun extracurricular activity, you’re introducing them to the world of art, culture and inclusiveness.

Manager Alex Cora said the plan is for the ace lefthander to build up his strength for a possible Game 6 start Saturday at Fenway Park.

Salting plans for roads are already underway, and good news for them, salt is a little cheaper this season.

David Chang opened Fuku in New York City’s East Village in 2015 and quickly drew a following for fried chicken sandwiches. But these are no ordinary sandwiches.

The Astros must be feeling like the Patriots right now: Win a championship and everyone suspects you.

Ineffective leadership can cost companies more than just morale. In order to retain employees, satisfy customers, and improve company productivity, you need people who can communicate the company’s vision, guide teams, and influence change. If you aspire to be that person, here's how you can become a more effective leader.

This 29-year-old investor behind The Farmer's Dog and The Pill Club has reached the highest title at VC firm Shasta Ventures.

The Connecticut Insurance Department has approved CVS Health Corp's $69 billion merger with Hartford-based Aetna Inc.
The approval is contingent on Aetna completing the sale of its standalone Medicare Part D prescription plan business.

Connecticut Senate Democrats on Wednesday criticized spending by a national Republican-funded Super PAC focused on influencing specific state senate races ahead of the midterm election.

At Digiday’s Media Buying Summit in Austin, Texas, media buyers shared their biggest challenges with workplace culture, platforms and more.

It's not Black Friday, but it might as well be if you're looking for gaming desktops. The folks over at NewEgg are offering outstanding deals on a variety of gaming desktops. Here's a roundup of solutions.

Major League Baseball released a statement saying the Houston team employee was “monitoring the field to ensure” the Red Sox were “not violating any rules.”

WAH Nails has 480,000 loyal Instagram followers, celebrity fans like Serena Williams, Margot Robbie and Jorja Smith and it partners brands like Marc Jacobs, Nike and British Airways. Now its founder is building her second business Beautystack—a kind of Instagram for beauty geeks.