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Air France - Caravelle - Colin, Jean, 1959. 24.2'' x 39.2'' / 62 x 99 cm. Lithograph | Backed on Linen. ID# FRC26274. $1,800; On Sale Now! List price $2,000.

The Bruins’ goalie suffered a concussion Saturday night forcing the team to come up with an emergency goalie.

Can this globetrotting millionaire save the region’s beloved Italian restaurant chain?

On Fridays and Saturdays reservations of 6 or more people need to call to make that reservation. Call us (617) 536-1100 or fill out our reservation form below Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen (49366), Boston / New England Reservations

'Comedy Central\'s \"Workaholics\" fans know and love him as series regular Montez, but comedian Erik Griffin is also a popular headliner at comedy clubs across the country. He\'s also starred in his own Comedy Central special and released a comedy album, \"Technical Foul\", while scoring appearances on \"Live at Gotham, Comics Unleashed\" and Showtime\'s \"Comics Without Borders\". Most recently, Griffin popped up on History Channel\'s \"Surviving…

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Alumni, faculty, and students worry about the school’s long-term future and fear something unique could be lost.

On February 8 and 9, ice cross downhill makes its stadium debut at Fenway Park with Red Bull Crashed Ice, and indie617 has your tickets.

The smirk on the face of this white kid with a red MAGA hat, as he taunts a Native American elder singing an intertribal song, is simply unbearable.

Copper is now a new long. Silver and Gold are in a pullback
The US crude is a long trade but volumes suggest the sellers are increasing. Natural gas is also a new long trade, but be wary of this one.
The US 30 year Treasury bond is in a short trade and at the 25×5 MA.
The US Dollar is at some temporary equilibrium after rising for the week (inflows of other currencies).
S&P 500 Futures_
Monthly – Still in the…

#usdollarfutures #ustreasurybondfutures USD_ DXH19 Weekly – Still tracking above the 25×5 MA. Trade pressures are now down. Volumes are bearish to neutral. Daily – Remains in the move down after the close below the 95.65 level. The week’s rally has price now up against the 25×5 MA. The next target down is the 94.11 level….
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#crudeoilfutures #naturalgasfutures CRUDE_ CLH19 Weekly – In the third week of the move up off the 2017 lows. Trade pressures are down but rising. Volumes are bullish for two weeks. Daily – Long. In at the 50.74 new long entry. Trade pressures are up and trending. Volumes have turned neutral from the weeks of bullish….
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Legal Sea Foods sets the standard for seafood restaurants, offering the freshest and highest quality seafood, an extensive wine list and superior service.

Tom Brady and Drew Brees will be matched up against Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff in classic showdowns.

The suspect in a car bombing that left 21 people dead Thursday in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, was a member of the largest guerrilla group remaining in the country, the Colombian government said Friday.