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The Harrisburg Water & Sewer Department's responsibility is to maintain and improve the long-term quality and reliability of water and sewer services in the Town of Harrisburg. The primary goals are cost control, efficient delivery of service and environmental protection. Accordingly, it is necessary for the Town to maintain and improve the water distribution and sewer collection systems, to establish and administer a sound billing and…

In Casa Grande, Arizona, every that comes out of your house via sinks and toilets flows to the city's water reclamation facility, where it is collected, sepa...

MSD Project Clear urges the St. Louis community to keep fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from causing expensive sewer overflows and basement backups by disposing...

WARRENTON — Construction on a long-planned Warrenton sewer system project, designed to relieve pressure on an old downtown pump station and save money on maintenance and electricity costs, is about half finished.The city’s sewage follows many different routes to the wastewater treatmen

A 15-ton "fatberg," caked with grease and fortified with wet wipes, was extracted from London sewers — in the nick of time — by an expert team of sewage flushers from the Thames Water company. Had the titanic mass gone undiscovered, a company press officer told NBC News, "We could have had sewage popping out of manholes all over London.

Sewer hose to be installed in such a way that it would be unnecessary to decouple it between campsites. It would always be attached to the RV sewer system Express Plumbing prepped and completed a project to bypass a main sewer line in San Mateo. It collapsed creating a huge erosio...

This week Denison City Council will be discussing a $3.6 million dollar construction project for sewer line along Spur 503. During Monday’s City

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A functional sewer is one of the most vitally important parts of any home, and if you experience sewer damage, it can create all kinds of problems...

Flushing goldfish is a common occurrence, however, flushing fish and other items can lead to problems with your sewer system that may end up costing you more money in the long-run.

A channel dedicated to trenchless technologies, CCTV and Video pipeline inspections. See our web site for more information

According to Jana Larson, the biggest pollution problems, apart from run-of-the-mill litter, are leaves, grass clippings, fertilizer, pesticides, road salt and dog poop.

(How to *Repair a Main Sewer Line* Properly) | 813-872-0200

This video on How to Deal With Sewer Stoppages is presented by the City of DeSoto Public Utilities Department and explains the process for reporting a stoppa...

Whether America is celebrating its founding fathers or its independence, we ask a question about one item most of us are quite dependent upon today: What were toilets like in 1776? To understand the privies of the day, it’s best to look at the entire state of sanitation overall in the late 1700s. At the […]

The majority of your daily activities at home require the use of your plumbing system. These activities include, but are not limited to preparing and cooking your food; watering the plants; doing the laundry; cleaning your pots and pans; washing the dirty dishes; washing your face; brushing your teeth; taking a bath and so on and so forth.

A cleverly designed network of robots and sensors will help researchers study the human microbiome.

The Greeley Water and Sewer Department office will be closed on Monday, August 20 as it moves into a new location.

Here is our review of the best sewer pipe line inspection camera. it is essential to purchase equipment that will have longevity, durability and resilience.