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Often overlooked and seldom the focus of an exhibition, it is frames not paintings that take centre stage in this exploration of one of the most inventive and exuberant types of picture frame.

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Men's eyeglass frames have long since evolved from the "Coke bottle" glasses look. There are now a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes of eyeglass frames for men, often leaving the average person confused about which will look best on him. Follow these guidelines for picking out the ideal men's eyeglasses to suit your personal tastes
Step 1
Choose a neutral color that reflects your personality and lifestyle. If you wear a lot of earth tones, matte brown or hunter green eyeglass…

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Frames have existed since the second century B.C. The first “frames” used were lines artists drew around Etruscan wall paintings and wooden frames around Egyptian portraits of the dead.

All weekend, people kept asking me: Am I sad? Am I nostalgic? Am I anxious? But I’m none of those things. I’m in a good place. I’m observing. I’m taking it all in.