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Harvard researchers contribute to the preservation of museum specimens, marking the collections’ importance in a special journal released Nov. 19.

It’s been quite an exciting beginning to my internship at the Museum. The first month has gone by in the blink of an eye! I never guessed how extensive and diverse Boston Children’s Museum…

Whether it’s a desire to remember the past, build wealth, or simply an interest in a topic, collecting is a passion that dates back centuries.Making the move to a more simplified lifestyle like the one offered at Erickson Living communities, is often preceded by the need to downsize prior to your move. So what will you do with a collection you may have spent years building? For some it may make sense to pass on a treasured collection to family or friends to…

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri has spent nearly half of it dedicated to her line of stylish, adaptive

Section 702 surveillance, which comprises the Prism and Upstream 702 programs, is still shrouded in mystery, despite the Intelligence…

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Read about how the data collection laws in the UK affect how email marketers do their jobs.

Microsoft has expanded its diagnostic data collection with Windows 10, making what had been a voluntary telemetry program now mandatory.

Boston Marathon Functional Exercise
On Monday April 11, 2016, MEMA led a large Boston Marathon exercise to practice public safety plans and various course disruption scenarios. For the exercise,...

The link between race and debt sustains even after accounting for area income, unemployment, levels of education, and home values, all of which explain why some places seem to struggle more with paying bills than others.

Get Ready for GDPR and Address the Gaps with Privileged Account Security Learn how to avoid financial penalties and liability associated with GDPR, and offer a stronger enterprise security posture by better protecting all your valuable corporate data. Presenter: Corey O’Connor GDPR PAS Advisory Part 1: Practical Steps in Protecting the Pathways to Personal Information …

The old agency model of creative teams coming up with "campaignable" ideas doesn't work anymore, writes Jean Lin. A new creative structure is needed.

Collections agencies have always haunted daily life. Centuries ago, people unable to pay what someone claimed they owed ended up in debtors' prison – even if they were sick. Today in the U.S. we…

A debt buyer is a type of debt collector who purchases consumers’ credit card debt or other debt, usually for pennies on the dollar.

Stand tall for America’s most vulnerable children in these fabulous shoes. The online retailer Milk & Honey Shoes has teamed with five generous celebrities to offer Youth Villages supporters an…

PLYMOUTH – State legislators representing the region called on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to stop the refueling of Pilgrim Nuclear Power

Our latest whitepaper, "Email Address Collection Best Practices" outlines 9 powerful tips to help you capture the highest volume of quality email addresses

Don't be a distracted driver. Find out what you can and can't do in the car. Can you text, eat, go on the computer? Merrimack Valley Insurance Agency shows