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$20 Towards Lunch or Brunch for Two
$30 Towards Dinner for Two
Malt: The Dark, Sweet Heart of Beer
Leave barley somewhere wet and dark for too long and it starts to sprout. At some point, some 6,000 years ago, a careless but lucky cook likely realized some damp grains were ruined and tried to dry them out before his boss came back and made him clean the tar pit as punishment. Raw barley is faintly earthy, tough, and not particularly…

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Haircut, wash, and blow-dry
Single-process color, haircut, wash, and blow-dry
Partial highlights, haircut, wash, and blow-dry
Full highlights, haircut, wash, and blow-dry
Salon Shears: Design on the Edge
stylist’s best friend is a collection of specialized shears. Continue
reading to learn how these razor-sharp tools help create flattering new
Training and education are invaluable for stylists, but
the right tools are also…