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As many of you know, this is a very, very challenging time for non-profit community health centers. Great uncertainty lies ahead with federal funding, fundraising, etc. Our mission at Whittier is to provide vitally important health care to a very disadvantaged population and when I say “mission” – you know that we are 100% “mission driven.”
We strive to recruit and retain excellent employees. We appreciate…

The Hong Kong dollar rallied the most in a month amid demand for the currency by banks hoarding cash for the end of the month and by companies paying out dividends.

Today in Brexit: As Theresa May prepares for a showdown in Parliament over her Brexit legislation, Bloomberg reveals there are potentially more pro-EU Tory lawmakers who could line up to safeguard trade ties.

Marks & Spencer Group Plc Chairman Archie Norman broke with convention when he arrived at the U.K. retailer’s London headquarters last year, turning down a private office and positioning his desk prominently out in the open.

Lenovo’s making inroads in a field not normally associated with the Chinese company: showier gaming computers.

Shenogen Pharma Group, the Chinese cancer drug developer backed by IDG Capital, is interviewing banks for a Hong Kong initial public offering that could raise as much as $300 million, people with knowledge of the matter said.

Shots fired near Morgan Elementary School in Holyoke forced the school into lockdown Tuesday, and now some staff members are concerned about broken security protocols.

22News spoke with the owner of Saunders Boat Marina in Southwick who said he's expecting a busier than usual weekend on the lake.

“Usually the offshore issuers will keep some cash or bond proceeds in offshore bank accounts for interest payment and expenses for overseas operations,” said Ivan Chung, head of Greater China credit research at Moody’s Investors Service in Hong Kong. “It does not necessarily mean that the offshore bonds are safe. CEFC has already defaulted in onshore market and it is unlikely to do refinancing. Moreover creditors…

Do you eat healthy? Do you exercise? Did you file for tax credits? Boston Medical Center's StreetCred program incorporates tax assistance and entitlement enrollment into primary care to improve financial health among low-income families.