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When Corre Larkin started furnishing her family’s new house in Newport Beach with lots of antiques, her inner decorator took hold.

In the team's second pre-season game, the Patriots will be facing a team they have unpleasant recent history with - the Philadelphia Eagles.

The state is covering 80 percent of the cost to renovate three middle schools. Springfield's superintendent said these projects were long overdue.

Madonna turns 60 today, and what better time to take a deeper look at some other numbers — the ones that have helped define her life and career to date. Here are a few facts in honor of the completion of her sixth decade.

Berniebros need to stop calling Democrats shills and engage with the reason they’re reluctant to impose radical change.

Cervical cancer screenings, which typically include a pelvic exam and Pap smear, have significantly reduced the number of cervical cancer incidence and death rates in the United States. These screenings are especially important because symptoms of cervical cancer often go undetected until the disease is more advanced. “The vast majority …

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have identified a protein that is crucial for activating inflammation -- both the good kind of inflammation that leads to healing wounds and fighting infection, as well as excessive inflammation where the immune system can damage tissues and organs.