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Someone recently told me that six months of relocation funds were too expensive and too extreme. They said it will costs the landlord up to $20,000. To clarify, the six months of relocation funds M…

I just read the analysis of the Affordable Housing Now article. Then I read an advertisement for a one bedroom, one bath apartment in the newly constructed 555 Pacific Ave. apartments at a mere $2,…

For a person who is a non-hater, Steve Kettmann has plenty of hateful things to say about people. For an anti-macho man, he apparently needs to feel more manly by using a four-letter word in the ne…

Authorities in Maine are investigating a suspicious letter found Monday at the Bangor home of US Senator Susan Collins.

The Greenfield City Council wants businesses to swap out their plastic bags, for paper and reusable bags. They will vote on the plastic bag ordinance Wednesday night.

New DNA evidence proves Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage. But it won’t be enough stop the sexist attacks from the GOP.

Police in Roseville, Michigan have arrested two men in connection with the violent caught-on-camera beating of a Roseville bowling alley employee.

When it comes to mobile shopping, “speed and easy navigation” are key factors for consumers. Now imagine how much more important these factors are when consumers are hungry and want to eat—now.

St. Lawrence University said it ‘‘has never rescinded any earned or honorary degree, and it has no intention of doing so in this situation.’’

The pipe is set to arrive at its destination in the ocean on Tuesday and begin the cleanup process soon after, according to a company spokesperson.

Provocateur Piers Morgan tried to open a new front in the culture wars, mocking actor Daniel Craig for carrying his baby in a sling. Chris Evans wasn’t having it.

The state-by-state nature of the U.S. cannabis industry has created huge differences in market dynamics from one state to another, making some more attractive to cannabis businesses than others. So what are the next state-legal markets likely to excite the capital markets?

There is no God — that's the conclusion of the celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking, whose final book is published Tuesday.

Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister, has given birth to a baby boy.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a short discussion with King Salman before a longer meeting with the King's son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler.

Gay Parenting? Build Your Family - Foster Care, Adoption Or Assisted Reproduction. Looking For A LGBT Friendly Private School Or Camp? Find Resources For Same Sex Families In Gay Parent Magazine.

Lady Gaga has apparently confirmed her engagement to boyfriend, Christian Carino, by referencing her

Visitors complained about being pushed onto a mattress where actors simulated raping them at a haunted house in northeast Ohio.

More than three years ago, Anthem, Inc. reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) that it suffered a...