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Last month, Creative City grantee Fabiola Decius directed the Teens WRITE: Ten-Minute Play Festival, at Riverside Theatre Works in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

They solved that pesky pasta puzzle
Researchers at MIT have discovered a way to break uncooked spaghetti noodles in two. But you can stop smirking now. It’s a breakthrough that could have implications far beyond the kitchen, the school said Monday.
The researchers’ findings are being published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
As anyone who’s ever broken a bunch of spaghetti to fit in a pot knows, spaghetti doesn’t break in half when bent. It breaks into multiple…

Let’s face it, nobody really learns from their successes like they do from their failures. When was the last time you delivered a stellar presentation, a picture-perfect pitch and reflected upon how awesome you were? Exactly. But, when you don’t

Today, many higher education institutions are faced with declining enrollment, increasing tuitions and calls to infuse their degree tracks with more practical experiences for students, leading more directly to meaningful careers. At the same time, college students are searching for programs offering practical, academically rigorous work-related experiences that tie into their social consciousness as citizens ...

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Ned Lamont aired the first general-election commercial the day after his Democratic primary win, staged his first public event the same morning, and has been campaigning daily ever since, backed by a unified Democratic ticket. His Republican opponent, Bob Stefanowski, has been off the air and off the trail since winning his primary last Tuesday. His campaign promises that Lamont will have company soon enough.

When I began to look at my "hardships" as challenges rather than obstacles that stood in my way everything in my life changed... I got healthier, my relationships got better, and my professional career flourished... Remember, changing the world around us should never be the first goal - Changing ourselves first is always the answer we've been looking for... Tune into today's #CabralConcept 927 to discover how to overcome obstacles and hardships in your life, so that you can go on to live…

Four-time Olympic gold medalist, 21, finished with a two-day score of 119.850, the largest margin of any of her title performances.

Ford delivered a 44-page self-driving safety report titled "A Matter of Trust" to the U.S. Department of Transportation along with a letter from Sherif Marakby, CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles.

LEXINGTON, MASS. (WHDH) - 100-year-old Miriam McCue received a reception more than 90 years in the making. Miriam has accomplished a lot in her life,...

Do you usually bypass the herb section of the produce aisle? These recipes will make them a staple on your grocery list.

Incumbency rules on Beacon Hill. But there is some competition for who will represent some Boston neighborhoods in the Legislature.

Faced with disrupting Jewish holidays and the start of school, Secretary of State William Galvin says he picked the least worst option for the state’s primary election date.

The punishment has surprised defense attorneys, disappointed law enforcement and raised concerns from a victims advocacy group.

GOAT CTO Andy Shin walks us through managing a team, KPIs, cloud computing and how the company goes about verifying those Nikes are real.

CTO Andy Shin of sneaker marketplace GOAT explains how the company is using machine learning to verify the authenticity of sneakers as well as data science and the Internet of things.

The Oktoberfest inspired event was created as a social activity intended to bring all neighborhoods together.

The T doesn’t have — and never has had — the in-house ability to operate the commuter lines itself.

Conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the U.S., the Trump administration declares in a major new policy statement that threatens to undermine decades of government campaigns for gas-thrifty cars and other conservation programs.

Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio likes to say the team will “turn over every stone” to find talent, and players who will fit into the system.One of the ways that’s translated is football’s third-longest streak — at 14 years — with an undrafted free agent making the initial 53-man roster. Only the Colts (19 straight) and Chargers (21) have established longer runs.

ATLANTA — Women are not just running for office in record numbers this year — they are winning.More women than ever before have won major party primaries for governor, U.S. Senate and House this year — setting a U.S. record and paving the way for November battles that could significantly increase the number of women in elected office and change the public debate on issues such as health care, immigration, abortion rights, education and gun control. Some of these candidates could also play…

VATICAN CITY — The archbishop of Dublin said Sunday he hopes Pope Francis will speak frankly about the "darkness" of priestly sex abuse during his upcoming visit to Ireland, which has been clouded by new revelations of misconduct in the U.S. Catholic Church.Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who has spent years trying to recover the Irish church's credibility following decades of abuse and cover-up, dedicated his Sunday homily…