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Honolulu (AP) -- Scientists in Hawaii have captured rare images of blue flames burning from cracks in the pavement as Kilauea volcano gushes fountains of lava in the background, offering a look at a new dimension in the volcano's weeks-long eruption.

Singapore warned eight cryptocurrency exchanges about their activities in the city-state as regulators around the world step up scrutiny of digital-asset trading.

A briefcase seized from a Geneva apartment two years ago could be the key to an Italian bribery case against Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Eni SpA -- if it makes it to Milan in time.

Theresa May will put her landmark piece of Brexit legislation to Parliament in a showdown between the warring factions of her party.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for an open approach to immigrants after Brexit to make sure Britain’s economic needs are met, reopening a political debate over migration policy
Prime Minister Theresa May has backed a target to cut the overall number of migrants coming into the country to the “tens of thousands,” but Johnson signaled he wants a more liberal approach
Asked if he thought May’s…

European Central Bank officials with memories of Greece’s brinkmanship aren’t about to blink as they face another populist government from a country many times its size.

As European economic data deteriorate and political risks intensify, Credit Suisse Group AG says the best way to wager against the euro is versus the Swiss franc and the yen.

The trio is a shinier version of themselves on their third album, sacrificing some lyrical substance in the process.

Developers like building luxury London homes. Their bankers would rather they didn’t.

Oil in New York slipped on a surprise gain in inventories, with American crude near its weakest level in more than three years versus benchmarks elsewhere.

Nigeria’s Ajaokuta complex was built with Soviet aid. Now the government says it’s finally serious about opening it.

Europe wants its industry to burn more natural gas instead of coal to reduce global warming. The problem is, there isn’t enough gas at the right price.