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Copper is in the move down but pressures are up. Gold and silver rallied, met resistance and retreated sharply
Crude Oil is pressing up for a possible new move up. Natural gas an’t get moving.
The US 30 Year Treasuries are in a move up to the new highs, but could see a retracement soon.
The US Dollar futures are up against the highs and also may see a retracement soon.
S&P 500 Futures_
Monthly – Down for the month so far…

#usdollarfutures #ustreasurybondfutures USD_ DXM19 Weekly – Remains in consolidation around the 97.52 level. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are now bullish. Daily – The four day rally of dollar inflows has pushed the dollar near a retest of the prior highs. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are bullish. The next target up is 98.08, the…
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#crudeoilfutures #naturalgasfutures CRUDE_ CLN19 Weekly – Still in consolidation near the 65.24. Trade pressures are up but declining. Volumes are bullish. Daily – Flat. In the move down form the 63.70 level. Trade pressures are up into the neutral zone. Volumes are bullish. The next target down is Is 59. The 60 minute pressures are…
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Suffolk University in Boston is a private higher education institution offering full- and part-time undergraduate, graduate, and law programs. Learn more now.

John Erlingheuser on May 16, 2019 04:59 am
AARP has worked for over a decade to address and rectify the fraud, misleading advertising and unscrupulous practices that has plagued and undermined Connecticut’s deregulated third-party electric market place. This has frequently resembled a game of whack-a-mole with a new scheme or trick popping up every time AARP and other consumer advocates knock down a deceptive supplier tactic through legislation or a Public Utilities Regulatory Authority ruling.

In Moto2 Alex Marquez trionfa a Le Mans davanti a Navarro e Fernandez. Una caduta nei primi giri coinvolge Pasini e Baldassarri: quest'ultimo viene portato in ospedale per effettuare controlli alla spalla. Il GP del Mugello è a rischio per Baldassarri, che resta comunque in testa al Mondiale con 75 punti. In Moto3 vince McPhee davanti a Dalla Porta e Canet. Lo spagnolo, che dedica il podio al padre di Max Biaggi recentemente scomparso, è in testa alla classifica con 74 punti

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Does one good "witch hunt" deserve another? Veteran prosecutor and U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham has been assigned to, in President Donald Trump’s parlance, “investigate the investigators” who initiated the investigation into Russian involvement with the 2016 elections – an inquiry Trump has always called a “witchhunt.”

This is the first incident of its kind to hit the rail line since commencing operations in 2003

Consumer privacy and security have been harmed by Facebook’s domination of the social networking market, and it needs to be broken up and regulated, the company’s co-founder said.

Holyoke's American Legion Paper City Post 325 held its 12th annual Rockin' BBQ, inviting the community to support its troops.

DALLAS (AP) — A spate of tornadoes raked across the Southern Plains, leaving damage and causing few injuries, and parts of the region were bracing...

Before we had kids, we thought we were tired. Cat and Nat have to wonder, what were we thinking? Word of advice: “If you don’t have kids, don’t ask us why we’re tired, broke or late.”

“I don’t buy that argument that you have to work on yourself and be in this great place and you will attract the right person.”

This article discusses how those with power and privilege can dismantle systems of racism and oppression.

STOUGHTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Hundreds of runners paid tribute to the memory of four Stoughton High School student killed last year. About 300 runners hit...

April showers only brought … May showers. But a rare summer-like day graced the city Saturday, and residents and businesses alike rejoiced and took advantage of the sunshine. It was the first…

After finishing well out of the money in the Kentucky Derby from the No. 1 post, War of Will charged to victory after again starting from the rail on Saturday.

Boston police arrested two men wanted on warrants, one for murder, from Minneapolis, and state police announced the arrest of a North Carolina man involved in a Springfield shooting. Farhan Ibrahim…

BALTIMORE (AP) — Unencumbered by a jockey and suddenly free to run wherever he darn pleased, Bodexpress decided to take a shot at winning the...

Income inequality is now at the same level it was in the Great Depression. One reason is a growing number of monopolies whose existence is enabled by financial engineering and monetary policy. Ben Hunt notes that the S&P 500 companies have the highest earnings relative to sales in history.

AWS Lambda is a compute service where we can upload our code to AWS Lambda and the service can run the code on our behalf using AWS infrastructure. AWS CodeDeploy is a service that automates code deployments to Amazon EC2 instances. AWS CodeDeploy makes it easier to rapidly release new features, helps to avoid downtime during deployment, and handles the complexity of updating the applications. We…

The Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new garden she helped design for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

He also criticized Barr for misrepresenting the Mueller report, and chided both parties for putting partisanship above the rule of law.