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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that if the state legalize cannabis, tax revenue should be directed toward funding pension programs.

A "speed-dating" event for weed buyers and sellers generated advice to entrepreneurs hoping to sell more of their legal cannabis products

Bubbles are the best way to celebrate and many of the most gorgeous seasonal cocktails involve a whole lot of sparkle!

The interior secretary is stepping down after a tumultuous two years, marked by mounting allegations of misconduct in office.

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We speak with a member of the U.Fund Dreams Tour about what’s on the mind of parents and children, and what she's learned from interacting with families at the event.

Ryan Zinke has resigned thanks to people like you keeping pressure on him and Trump to stop selling our public lands out to the oil and gas industry. Tell Congress the next Interior Secretary must work for the people not the fossil fuel industry!

Only President Trump seems not to have noticed — or at least refuses to acknowledge — that the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, in his Dec. 7 memo regarding Michael Cohen’s sentencing, has laid the predicate for indicting the president for feloniously “directing’’ a scheme to defraud the public into voting for him under false pretenses
Trump’s lawyers may well have advised him not to worry about that minor matter because the Justice Department policy of not indicting a…

The First Amendment won a round in US District Court this week with a ruling that a 50-year-old Massachusetts law was never intended to apply to the recording of police or other government officials by activists or journalists
The ruling narrows considerably the scope of a law passed long before the invention of cell phones and the window they can now provide on potential wrongdoing by…

#crudeoilfutures #naturalgasfutures CRUDE_ CLG19 Weekly – Continues the consolidation at the $50 level. Trade pressures are down. Volumes have changed from neutral to bearish. Daily – Flat. moving right to meet the downtrending 25×5 MA @53.81. Trade pressures have risen into the neutral zone. Volumes are bearish. The next target down is 44.77. Need a…
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President Donald Trump says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who's facing federal investigations into his travel, political activity and potential conflicts of interest, will leave the administration at year's end.

December 15, 2018
#copperfutures #goldfutures #silverfutures COPPER_ HGH19 Weekly – Remains in the downtrend. Trade pressures are stuck in the neutral zone. Volumes are bearish and declining. Daily – Flat. In the move up from the 2.73 level off the 2.66 low pivot. Trade pressures are in the neutral zone. Volumes are neutral to bearish. The next target…
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Composers often face significant challenges when composing for the ballet: what instruments might denote a flock of swans? How do you evoke a forest at midnight? Choreographer Marius Petipa set the bar particularly high when he created the scenario for The Nutcracker . Petipa wanted Tchaikovsky to write music for a Sugar Plum Fairy, but how might she sound? And what exactly is a sugar plum
A sugar plum is not, as you might think,…

Bernadette Demientieff needed just two months to pull together a coalition of tribal members and congressional representatives that support protecting the Arctic National Wildfire Refuge (ANWR). As executive director of the Gwich’in Steering Committee, Demientieff has been working tirelessly to build opposition to the Trump administration’s plan to extract fossil fuels from the refuge.

He was under intense pressure because of multiple probes of his conduct and personal dealings.

Tips and tricks from the competitors in the gingerbread house design competition at the BSA Space.

Prada will stop selling its new monkey keychains that people complained resembled "blackface"

Our software application development work is moving, natively, to the cloud. Database giant Oracle’s work in the software development space has been colorful, but its latest moves are directly in the cloud-native space.

Facebook says a 'bug' caused a security lapse that opened the photos of up to 6.8 million people to app developers that should not have been able to see them.

Salem retailer Alternative Therapies Group is set to start selling recreational marijuana at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

This week's Agency Brief has news from GroupM, The Variable, M&C Saatchi, Fig, Horizon Media, Deutsch and more.

Boston-based artist Stephanie Cardon created the installation, called “Unless,” out of 3,400-square-feet of repurposed neon orange and brilliant blue construction debris netting.

Days away from being sentenced in the Russia probe, former national security adviser Michael Flynn is not exactly hiding his face in shame.

There’s “a place for everything and everything in its place,” says Bruce Boyd, facility manager of The Rashi School in Dedham

A new approach to AI fakery can generate incredibly realistic faces, with whatever characteristics you’d like.