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Becoming a surrogate mother changes more lives than those of gay, single and infertile intended parents – it changes yours, too.

You're ready for surrogacy, but aren't sure what the next step is. We've provided 5 reasons you should work with a surrogacy agency!

We are often asked why BMI is used as a qualifier for surrogates. We've answered some of our most asked questions about BMI from surrogates!

They said SEC Reg BI precludes the need for a state fiduciary rule; consumer advocates disagreed.

More about Rolex 1803 Oyster Perpetual Day Date 18K Yellow Gold Chocolate Brown Stella Dial
This is a vintage c. 1968-9 18K yellow gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date President 1803 Chocolate Stella dial. It has It has a leather strap with an 18k gold tang buckle, and an acrylic crystal. It has a screwed down solid case back and winding crown, and the 36mm diameter solid three body Oyster case, fluted bezel, and bracelet, are polished/brushed. There is a date aperture window (non…

Women and men now face a world increasingly affected by climate change, forced displacement, social and political crises, and more. For Oxfam, resilience is ...

Senior partner Andy West discusses the latest trends in M&A in light of several recent high-profile divestitures.

I got a very nice new laptop at a very good price, so I wiped Windows and installed Linux on it.

"Honestly, that is what I would do. I used to love playing video games and I can’t at the same level anymore."

There’s a lot that the viral photo-editing app could do with a giant database of faces.The context: FaceApp, the photo-editing app that uses AI to touch up your face, has come under scrutiny since going viral.

Oxfam is responding to the North East India Floods 2019 triggered by incessant monsoon rains.The situation has become critical as 2,74,683 people are affected across 7 districts.

Welcome back to this week’s #FridayReview! To start the show today I’ll be recapping the last week in the practice and everything we’ve had going on with the semi-annual sale... Then, I’ll be sharing with you the 2015-2019 EWG Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen list of the most pesticide sprayed foods to avoid... Plus, after months of testing, I’m looking forward to sharing my honest view of the Oura Ring and why I wear mine nightly... And last, but never least, I’ll be…

Amazon didn't start out as a traditional marketplace, but now it's grown into the largest one in the United States. Overall, it is no surprise that Amazon has powerful network effects and reached where it is today based on these strong marketplace checklist dynamics.

Laws show the different path Australia is taking to privacy, the Law Council of Australia has said.

A payment from Australia into Singapore recorded the fastest payment in the trial over SWIFT's gpi instant payments platform.

Even as Bayer AG got a jury verdict slashed to $25.3 million from $80.3 million in a California case alleging exposure to its Roundup weed killer causes cancer, the judge who made the cut found the company’s behavior “reprehensible.”

Oxfam launches emergency response in flood-hit Indian states of Assam and Bihar Heavy rainfall and...

Campaign captures brand's posters around the world to showcase how 'great beer travels'

If you want to get promoted to sales management, you need to stand out. Here are tips from 3 new managers and 8 leaders on how to earn your first promotion.

The company will open 6,500-square-foot stores at malls in Houston and Paramus, New Jersey.

America’s largest drug companies saturated the country with 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills from 2006 through 2012 as the nation’s deadliest drug epidemic spun out of control, according to previously undisclosed company data released as part of the largest civil action in U.S. history.

While parents and media freak out about sexting teens, one study says it and “sextortion” fears are inflated.

New figures from Indonesia's Statistics bureau again show Papua is the area with the country's highest rates of poverty.

With the number of data breaches escalating and threat landscape fast evolving, Asia-Pacific enterprises will have to think outside the box and transform their cybersecurity strategy, especially since current tools are no longer effective in staving off attacks.

Context is everything
Each of our customers is different, each company has different goals, strategies, priorities, challenges, cultures, values. Though they may compete head to head, or participate in the same industry, or the same markets, every company is very different
People are different. We categorize them by their titles, CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, or by their persona, or by their behavioral style,…

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Activist Mary Franklin wants to hire a liaison to bridge the gap between families of murder victims and the police in her push to solve Boston’s cold case backlog — but so far, she claims, BP…

Although we saw some cooler temperatures on Thursday, that is all about to change as temperatures soar close to 100 this weekend.

BOSTON (AP) — A former employee of a Massachusetts pharmacy responsible for a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak in 2012 has been sentenced to two years...

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top Trump administration official said Thursday the number of family separations at the border has fallen since last summer’s zero tolerance...