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And its neighbor was designed by the Architects Collaborative, founded by Walter Gropius.

CircleCI launched way back in 2011 when the notion of continuous delivery was just a twinkle in most developer’s eyes, but over the years with the rise of agile, containerization and DevOps, we’ve seen the idea of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) really begin to ma…

And other dysfunctional highlights from a new report on the chaotic Commerce Department.

Amanda Knox and her fiance announce a sci-fi wedding that we need translated.

The USO skit wasn’t written for Leeann Tweeden, Sean Hannity knew about the groping photo a decade earlier, and Franken regrets resigning.

According to history buffs, Portland, Oregon would have been called Boston if one of the city's settlers had won a coin toss when dividing up the land.

Copper rallied to upside targets and now profit taking. Gold and gold had similar rallies and profit taking
Crude oil dropped thru the short entry and kept going. Natural gas trading in side the weekly basing channel.
The US 30 Year Treasuries are trading between 153-156.
The US Dollar futures are range bound between 96 and 97.
S&P 500 Futures
Monthly – New monthly highs at 3023.50. Trade pressures are up. Volumes closed the month of June as bullish. The next target…

#usdollarfutures #ustreasurybondfutures USD_ DXU19 Weekly – Continues the consolidation at the 97 level. Trade pressures are in the neutral zone. Volumes remain neutral. Daily – In the move down from the 96.65 level. Trade pressures are up but declining. Volumes are bullish. The next target down is 95.78. A close above 97.19 would signal higher….
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#crudeoilfutures #naturalgasfutures CRUDE_ CLU19 Weekly – Headed for a retest of the prior long entry level at 52. Trade pressures are neutral Volumes are neutral. Daily – Short. The close below 57.03 triggered the short entry. trade pressures are down. Volumes are bearish. The next target down is 52.98. A close above 53.39 would signal…
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▶ Discussing Amazon EventBridge with Mike Deck — If you’ve not checked out the Serverless Chats podcast yet, you should. In the latest episode, Jeremy Daly (who also edits the Off-by-None serverless newsletter ) chats to AWS’s Mike Deck about Amazon EventBridge, how it works, and what it means for the future of webhooks.
Serverless Chats podcast

A Berklee College of Music professor has pulled back the curtain on one of his own lifelong passions to create the school's first workshop on composing for the circus arts.

Secrets Manager helps you organize and manage important configuration data such as credentials, passwords, and license keys. Parameter Store is now integrated with Secrets Manager so that you can retrieve Secrets Manager secrets when using other AWS services that already support references to Parameter Store parameters. These services include Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Container Service, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and other Systems…

Bring on the honey, lemon and milk: shop-and-cafe-lined Newbury Street in Boston’s posh Back Bay neighborhood is getting a new member of its pack: A modern day tea house named ÉgaliTea Organic Cafe, set to open in early July. Owner Angela Niu grew up steeped in her native Chinese culture, where tea is king, but …

For the past year, NPR has been taking a deep look at American anthems and all the forms they can take. These are the songs that unite us, inspire us or say something about what it means to be an American — songs as traditional as Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land," or as defiant as Public Enemy's "Fight the Power." On this special edition of All Songs Considered, NPR's Elizabeth Blair and Tom Cole share highlights from this ongoing series, along…

Emerson alumni were well represented among nominees for the 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, announced Tuesday, July 16. Three of the nominees will be looking to repeat 2018 wins during this year’s awards ceremony, which will air Sunday, September 22, on FOX.