Business in Back Bay-Beacon Hill - Boston, MA

Despite their critics, the New England Patriots are playing in their 8th consecutive AFC Championship. A victory on Sunday would mean a third straight Super Bowl appearance.

Senate tourism committee chair Nancy Binay says the government should plan well the rehabilitation of Manila Bay before its implementation, as threats of closing down establishments for the clean up can spook investors.

BOSTON (AP) — Kyrie Irving hit a foul-line fadeaway to give Boston the lead, then hit a 31-foot 3-pointer to finish with 27 points and...

NEW YORK (AP) — A hamburger a week, but no more — that’s about as much red meat people should eat to do what’s best...

NEW YORK (AP) — Sears will live on — at least for now. Its chairman and biggest shareholder, Eddie Lampert, won tentative approval for a...

It took just over six months, but Cristiano Ronaldo has won his first trophy with Juventus.

Australia telco claims its new rapid restoration service will reduce outages on subsea cables to under 30 minutes.

Scholar Stephanie Paulsell discusses her forthcoming book, “Religion around Virginia Woolf,” in which she explores religious elements in the work of one of literature’s most noted atheists.

The Philippines and the Vatican are the only two countries in the world with no divorce law.

Most companies never develop or understand how important branding is. It's the single most important part of developing your sales infrastructure.

Cooking can make people of all ages more open to trying new tastes, so enlist the whole gang in holiday dessert prep. Wherever and whatever you’re celebrating, these winter treats are sure to brighten your day.

US lawmakers introduce bipartisan Bill that, if passed, would ban the export of US chips and other components to the two Chinese tech companies.

Queer playwright, performer and activist Dan Fishback comes to Cambridge, MA this week for an evening of songs and patter. EDGE spoke to Fishback about the show, his career, his controversies, his politics, and what to expect at Oberon.

MIT researchers used Bayesian inference, a form of AI, to make computer programs write new programs designed especially for data analysis. The premise is to ease the burden for data scientists who aren't also AI experts themselves.

Veganuary encourages vegan eating during January, and brands, chefs and restaurants are embracing the trend.

Francesca Dominici insegna biostatistica all’università di Harvard. Coordina un gruppo che attraverso l’analisi e l’incrocio di big data controlla la qualità della salute e dell’inquinamento dell’aria. Ha ricevuto numerosi premi e riconoscimenti. È una scienziata italiana d’eccellenza in un mondo dove le donne sono ancora troppo poche. Enrica Toninelli l’ha intervistata