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House Appropriations Committee Passes 2019 Education Funding Bill. The House Appropriations Committee approved, 30 to 22, a $177.1 billion bill to fund the departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services for fiscal 2019. The spending bill would provide a $43 million increase for the Education Department, funding it at $71 billion ...

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Listen as AIM Senior Vice President Robert Rio talks about the cost of new clean-energy initiatives for Massachusetts' already overburdened ratepayers on CommonWealth magazine's Codcast.

The best way to celebrate a Red Sox win? A cookie from Kilvert and Forbes!
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Brian is drinking a Take 5 by Harpoon Brewery at Thelonious Monkfish

Selecting a gait analysis system can be challenging, there are so many options on the market. Discover which Tekscan gait analysis solution will best fit your practice or gait lab with this guide.

Applying a real-time approach to strategy and branding in the real estate world, Neoscape uses Datasmith and Unreal Engine to excel.

Marcia Chambers, a barrier-breaking New York Times reporter who combined keen instinct with deep intellect and who went on to found and edit the online Branford Eagle, died Friday night...

Unplugging from Technology Gives Teens Room for Real Happiness Teenagers are being emotionally slammed by technology. A new study links anxiety, severe depression, suicide attempts and suicide to t…

Marlene Sallo, Executive Director of the Disability Law Center will present information about voting and the Rev Up campaign . If you have questions on how to register, the registration and voting process and how to access information be sure to attend this webinar! Staff from provider agencies, families , self-advocates and other community members are encouraged to attend
Marlene recently joined DLC as Executive Director…

Hooray for blueberry season! If you've been looking for places to pick blueberries in Massachusetts, look no further! This roundup includes 25 places to pick your own blueberries, plus a few upcoming blueberry events. Down your harvest raw, or enjoy them in these blueberry recipes . Share your blue

Without an incumbent governor seeking re-election, individual contributions to the Democratic Party are down 58 percent from four years ago, when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was a candidate seeking every possible advantage in a tough fight for a second term
The numbers are a reflection of one of the oldest and most enduring dynamics in politics: Even in an era of so-called clean elections in Connecticut…

A man suspected of attacking his wife with a chainsaw in Whittier has been deported 11 times since 2005, immigration officials said.

Many years ago the Toyota company was one of the first corporations to adopt the Japanese phrase "Genchi Genbutsu" as their modus operandi... This led to their initial success and positioned them as one of the fastest growing companies at the time... Today, the philosophy of Genchi Genbutsu lives on and it's original premise is catching on as a way of cutting through the clutter of everyday life in order to find out what really needs fixing... Tune into today's #CabralConcept 892 to…

"He's just a normal goat. Eats a lot, does what goats do" says Doug Murrow, the goat's owner. However, normal goats usually don't hang out at bars and get in standoffs with police.

Anthony Mangieri’s latest reboot is a racier, more user-friendly iteration of New York’s original retro-Neapolitan-pizza joint.

The singer dedicated one of his classic songs to Martin Luther King Jr. before an audience of 60,000.

Lawmakers are pondering offering state tax credits to encourage producers to debut Broadway-bound shows in Massachusetts.

Some of Innaarsuit’s 169 residents had to move to higher ground because of concerns the iceberg could flip or chunks of it could break off.

The artificial intelligence market may not be as hot as it looks. Most, but not all, investments in AI will be wiped out as the market consolidates, according to a new report on the future of the
artificial intelligence market.

Depop, Poshmark, the Real Real: They’re just a few of the “re-commerce” apps transforming online resale. Here, how to shop each one best.

The 25-year-old lefthander sprained his right ankle Saturday against the Blue Jays.

The agency, part of IPG, has created a new department called Talent & Culture, that will be headed by Carmina Drummond, the shop's chief culture officer.

The Vanessa Masucci Softball Tournament will be held July 20-22 in memory of a popular Lynn school teacher killed in her Revere home last September.

Balanced funds’ straightforward mix of stocks and bonds can discourage investors from behaving in self-defeating ways, leading to strong returns.

When will the league, for all that it has done right, ever figure out how to stop getting so much wrong?

Eva Gutowski, known to almost 9 million YouTube subscribers as MyLifeAsEva, published her first music video in 2015 -- and hasn't looked back since.

Whether you're serving a formal holiday meal or casually entertaining a few friends, the Stratton Stemware collection will grace your table and tie everything together.We recently reimagined our Stratton collection. if you’re interested in purchasing one of our previous silhouettes, please contact customer care at (800)-774-5277.

An astronaut performing Christa McAuliffe's space experiments is talking to students on Earth about his work.

After closing $20 million in private equity funding in March, Spindrift Sparkling Water is launching its first national ad campaign to reach a wider audience. Developed with agency
Mistress, the “Yup, That’s It!” creative uses both humor and information to differentiate itself from water competitors whose campaigns typically rely more on trendy emojis and
selfies, says an agency spokesperson.  With a media strategy developed by AMP…

For years, political leaders have warned of the danger of a “Cyber Pearl Harbor.” Thus far, however, cyber weapons seem to be oversold, more useful for signaling or sowing confusion than for physical destruction.

Thousands of people are headed home after spending a glorious day at The Great New England Air and Space show at Westover Air Reserve Base.

LAS VEGAS – Brad Stevens has raised eyebrows in the past by likening Guerschon Yabusele’s playmaking potential to the playmaking ability of five-time All-Star Al Horford. Yabusele raised eyebrows Saturday afternoon by substantiating Stevens’ claims during the final minutes of Boston’s 74-72 win over the Miami Heat.

People relaxed on their lawns enjoying the sights of the sounds of the Thunderbirds air show performance a short distance away.

We provide customized document destruction solutions for a variety of customers. Here are some of the areas where we have shared some of our knowledge.